At the Beach

We’re at the beach – or at least what used to be the beach. Hurricane Mathew really hammered Flagler Beach. The place we stay lost about half the back yard including the fish cleaning shed and the stairway and decking down to the beach. The house itself survived unscathed but wasn’t useable on our regular week because of the beach access. That was partially corrected for the first week of November, enough for us to use it. We arrived Saturday afternoon at high tide and was really surprised to see just how much beach damage there was. Almost all the stairways down to the beach were wiped out for the entire beach stretch and in some places the sand erosion brought the surf to within a few feet of the structures. At our place the back yard is about 20’ from house to the sand berm then a 10’ drop down to the surf. What made it even more foreboding was the wind howling along the coast creating a giant surf loaded with seaweed. Totally unfishable. I took a long walk on the beach and was really surprised how much it had changed. I didn’t note any structural damage but an almost total loss of beach access for the homes along the shore. About half had rebuilt temporary structures but I’m not sure what can be done about the loss of berm along the shoreline. There were a few places with seawalls and those made it just fine but in those cases, the neighboring places without seawalls were hammered far worse – which is why seawalls have been banned. We drove by all of our usual watering holes and pleasantly found they were all open for business. A couple were fairly well beaten up but still functioning. That plus the fact that the wind is supposed to subside and the weather forecast is for the low 80’s means that we’ll still have a great week.
Thank God this election cycle is just about over. Florida, being a large swing state, get’s way, way, way too much attention. A constant flow of politicians and saturation political TV. I’d like both candidates to lose and plan to do a write in. Not sure who I’m going to honor with my vote but will probably pick one of my kids – the one I think is least liberal. We didn’t vote early (by choice) so we’ll drive back home on Tuesday to vote and check on the garden. We’ve had virtually no rain since the hurricane and all the seeds and seedlings I’ve planted need watering.

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