Hurricane Season

Hunkering down for the first tropical storm in a while although with every update, it looks more and more like a clean miss. We need the rain but not the wind. It’ll take a few hours to move and tie up all the loose stuff on the dock and porch, so not all that bad, except for the fact that we have a large family party planned for the weekend and I have to untie it all instead of just leaving it for the rest of the season. As luck would have it, Chris is in Hawaii bracing for a couple of Pacific hurricanes about the same time as ours. His looks much worse but he won’t have to tie up a dock or anything. Just hunker down.

My truck problems continue although the real bad ones have been resolved – the bad gas tank has been disconnected so my dual tank truck is now a single tank truck. I get about 200 miles on a tank and put on average about 200 miles a month, almost all short trips, so that’s manageable. The cruise control and the speedometer are problematic though. Turns out there’s a speed control sensor that loops to the speedometer mechanism and the cruise control. That sensor doesn’t work consistently. So, for example, the speedometer flops wildly from zero to whatever and the cruise control won’t always engage and when it does, it sometimes drops out. Driving on the country roads, mostly taking Nancy 20 miles to play bridge in Crescent City, these problems are more nuisance than critical and if I get a chance to have it fixed I will. One interesting part of the problem is that in the morning, everything is fine – speedometer and cruise control both work like new. But, in the afternoon, not at all. So I’m convinced it has to do with the ambient temperature – works fine under 85 degrees, not so fine above that. With Nancy not able to drive it’s tricky getting cars fixed but, for sure the ambient temperature will drop out of the 90’s in a couple of weeks and if my theory is correct, I should be home free until next June.

On a positive note, the cardio doc said I could stop the blood thinner. It’s been about 16 months since the stents were installed and he said there was little evidence, if any, that continuing the blood thinner was beneficial. I still take a baby aspirin daily just for that purpose. I really hated taking the thinner because the slightest cut or scratch bled like crazy and it’s impossible to work in the jungle without cuts and scratches.

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