Pizza Masterpiece

Catching up – the pineapples are still growing nicely. My guess now is that we’ll be harvesting a couple by the end of the summer. Picking green beans – gobs and gobs of green beans. I’m going to try my best to keep up with them and pick them while still tender. Bean plants will keep putting out as long as you keep them well picked but they grow so fast that it’s easy to get behind and watch them go tough. I’m growing bush beans this year instead of pole beans just to give the trellis area a season or two of something else.

growing nicely
growing nicely

My neighbor’s house rebuilding project is moving along, slowly but surely. The entire downstairs exterior has been framed, the 8”x8” support poles have been replaced and a concrete stem wall poured and finished. If you look closely at the picture you can see where windows and the front door are framed in. All of the support jacks have been removed so it’s standing on it’s own.

Framing Progress
Framing Progress

Another pizza masterpiece. I’m turning these into works of art. A couple days ago we bought a hand held kitchen tool called a Veggetti maker. This takes veggies such as zucchini, carrots, potatoes, beets etc and cuts them into spaghetti like spirals. I decided to give it a flight test with a small zucchini – certainly no shortage of those. Broke out a jar of Nancy’s spaghetti sauce and added a couple large chard leaves cut into strips and the small zucchini cut into spirals with the new gadget. Heated it for a few minutes – not cooking it, just heating it. Added some sausage and poured it all on a store bought multi grain pizza shell. Topped it with mozzerella and popped it onto the Holland grill. In 10 minutes it was on the table. We both had some reservations about this combination but it was a total winner. I had made one a few weeks back that incorporated thin slices of zucchini and that was good but this new way to prepare the zucchini was even better. I can see where just the spiral cut zucchini with sauce poured on it would be a great side.

We’re planning a trip to Alabama next weekend to see Simon and attend the local lily festival. Simon has a role in putting the festival together and making a presentation so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to visit. We’re leaving Friday morning and returning Monday afternoon. I’m guessing it’s an 8 hour drive each way – depending on quilt shops along the way. We’ll drive straight thru going up but take two days to come home

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