Meeting a New Neighbor

Rookie mistake. I didn’t put on any face/lip sun protection at the beach. I always do but this time the tides were such that my back was to the sun when surf fishing and it was cool and breezy. Traps. My lips were so burned that they swelled, blistered, split and bled big time. I’d wake up in the morning and my face was literally covered in blood. Truly miserable for the last few days but a combination of cold compresses, aloe strips, and some new lip repair product recommended by the pharmacist at Walgreens has it about beaten. I sure won’t make that mistake again.

We had a great Mother’s day with Tom, Tina and Olivia, Joey, Mark, and Mark’s mother. Tom came up to the lake to pick us up and we went to our favorite meet up spot on Rose Bay, Hidden Treasures. The food is always good, the prices reasonable and the views and atmosphere are unbeatable. The service could be better but it’s so enjoyable just sitting out on the water watching the natural events unfolding, that the waiting is just fine with me. They serve up drinks quickly and check on them often but then slow things down – I think that’s part of the business plan as opposed to bad management. I think they’d much rather have you sit there slurping down exotic drinks than eating. A fair percentage of their business comes from boaters who pull up to the dock and disgorge more customers.

I met a new neighbor up at the mail box/newspaper drop the other morning. I was retrieving the paper and looked up the road to see a major league large dog heading my way – about 20’ away. It was waist tall so it could have been a serious predicament but I could tell by the way he was bouncing along, supporting a big dog smile, and wagging his giant tail that it was probably not a threat. Still my heart was pumping overtime. He came right up to me and nudged his head under my hand asking for a pet as best he could. There was no misunderstanding his attention so we had a nice meet and greet. It had a good collar and was clearly a valuable blood hound. He walked with me a few feet and then wandered off in a different direction. I later learned that he lived a few houses down.

We’ve made zucchini bread so often that we have the recipe memorized. For future reference, each loaf uses a cup of shredded zucchini and one of the giant zucchini’s yields 4 cups. In the latest case we made 2 loaves of bread and used the other two cups of zucchini to make zucchini patty’s – sort of like potato cakes without potatoes. One of the three plants is cratering – gave it all and the other two are a few weeks behind. We had such good success that I’m thinking about trying again in October. I’ll wait and see what the weather looks like and how voracious the critters have been.

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