Back to the Beach

One of George’s friend is a back yard chicken farmer. He also has a veggie garden about the size of mine so I was surprised the other day when he complimented me on the collards and said he was just not able to get them to grow anything like mine. He’s an old Florida guy who’s been doing this sort of thing for years and I just took it for granted that you planted collard seeds and then harvested them until you were totally tired of them so I was surprised by the comment and told him to pick all he wanted since I needed the space and only expected them to last another month at the longest. He came back and loaded up two giant bags so I was happy to get the space. He also brought a dozen eggs which was a fine transaction for us and admired the zucchini so maybe we can put together another veggie for protein swap.
When Nancy does her quilt meetings on Tuesday, I kill those couple of hours at the library so I’m catching up on years of reading. One prolific author I like is Michael Connelly who I’m reading at a one book per week rate. I discovered that I have a fellow library patron Connelly fan I’m visualizing as an English Professor. I make that speculation because this person is very critical of Connelly’s grammar and with a very fine, red pen, scratches out mistakes and writes in the correction. I’ve now read 3 or 4 books that he/she has edited and to the best of my ability, those corrections are valid. It seems a bit of an anomaly that someone who reads fast paced detective novels would be so concerned about the grammar but …………. I’d love to see who the mysterious editor is.
it’s beach week. The weather forecast looks great. It’s been windy for the last couple of weeks so I’m hoping that goes away so I can fish the surf to my heart’s content. We missed this trip last spring with some health issue so the place owes me some extra fish. The pic of the shark was caught this AM after about 1/2 hour of fishing. It’s a small black tip, about 2’ long. I’m hoping the blue fish start soon. It’s late in the season but you never know. The other pic’s are flying parachute kind of critters. There were about half a dozen of them swooping and soaring all around me. Looks like fun.

small black tip shark
small black tip shark

air acrobatics
air acrobatics

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