Zucchini Overload

One thing for sure, I broke the code on growing squash this season. We’ve already picked more, way more, this season than ever before. It’s a Utah like crop. I’m 99% convinced it’s the ultra early start inside the hot caps. The problem has always been critters that are waiting in the wings for the first squash to appear but by starting the plants a month early, the bugs haven’t yet mustered an attack. There are even several acorn squashes but the judge is still out on those. Zucchini are producing about 45 days after planting whereas acorns take more like 90 days so there’s still plenty of time for the bugs to go on the offense. Ditto New Zealand Spinach, aka Tetragonia, which has taken on a weed like status in the garden with virtually uncontrolled growth. I need to trim it with a lawn mower. The big question with that is whether or not it will handle the summer heat and humidity. Tried a new pizza combination last night – zucchini and tetragonia. Yum????????? Incredible. Then Nancy made a zucchini parmesan tonight. Excellent. Can a few loaves of zucchini bread be far behind?

Chris made it to Walnut Creek a day ahead of his furniture and car. Smooth sailing the whole way. The moving van arrived right on schedule and the car at the same time, a day early, so by noon on Thursday he was living the good life. He’s totally satisfied with the apartment and the location which is within easy walking distance to BART and to one of his stores. You can check it out online by googling Brio Walnut Creek. His model is the 2BR, 2bath split plan. Very impressive amenities. How about daily valet trash pickup.

Big time rain today which is supposed to be repeated for the next couple of days. I was hoping for a quarter of an inch to keep the new seeds I planted moist but what we got was 3”. I’m getting bad vibes about this rainy season – since it hasn’t officially started yet. Maybe I should start looking into rice horticulture.

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