Roller Coaster Weather

Shortly after we moved here I planted a banana bush. It did well and we harvested a bundle of small (fingerling), delicious bananas a year or so after planting. We had a run of cold winters after that so the bushes froze back and never produced again. Well last winter was mild and this year seems to be on the same order so I went to check on the bush – which had been fairly well taken over by the jungle. It’s a good size and looks healthy so I’m going to do a little work around it to give it some space and perhaps we can get some more this summer. Uh oh, frost last night. Maybe I jinxed the plants. There’s another cold snap forecast at the end of the week so I’ll hold off on a garden damage report for a few days. I think a little frost is ok with most of the winter greens growing now. I know it didn’t freeze because I had put out a shallow dish of water to check just that.

Driving Miss Nancy is not all that bad. I take her to a 2 hour meeting with the quilt group and then head off to the library a few blocks away. I check out and/or drop off a book or two and do any internet data intense work I might have and polish off an issue of the WSJ. Our home internet data plan is limited so it makes sense to take advantage of public wi-fi. Taking her to bridge is fine too. It’s about 20 minutes each way so taking her one day a week is no big deal. When it warms up I’m going to take the truck so I can carry the poke boat and hit a few of the small lakes tucked away in that area. But where I have a problem is taking her grocery shopping. I have to participate because reading labels is a problem. I don’t mind that but we have totally different built in shopping algorithms and the pace with which we do the job is totally different. Nancy likes to browse through and pick out bargains along with the necessary items whereas I like to have a prepared list and then get them in the basket and checked out in as little time as possible. It drives me crazy to meander up and down aisles with no clear target; it drives Nancy crazy to speed pass aisles that might contain hidden gems.

I’m helping George and Garret (his grandson) rebuild the house they bought on the lake. It looked fairly good on a cursory basis but when you got up close and personal, there was quite a lot of damage from rot and termites. The main house is up on stilts, 8”x8” 12’ long poles – 14 poles. Each pole is buried 4’ deep. Turns out they are all rotted big time. Hard to believe the place is still standing. We’ve started replacing the poles, one at a time, and have 6 done so far. Garret rented a digging machine to eliminate a manual digging job so we cut out a pole, pull it out of the hole and then install a few pole using the existing bolt holes. Handling a 12’ pole is tricky but Garret is young and strong so it’s going smoothly. Once bolted in place we frame around the hole and pour concrete so the pole is anchored in a 2’x2’ x 4’ encasement. After the poles are replaced, maybe by the end of the month, weather and jobs permitting, we’ll attack the framing and replace the termite damaged 2×4’s. Then do the electrical and plumbing before interior walls are done. The goal is for them to have the family Christmas event at the new place – and maybe Thanksgiving.

Politics – So Bloomberg is getting in the race – maybe. He’s my kind of guy and will go after big drinks on a national basis. At least he’s talking about running as an independent and not trying to pass off as a legitimate Republican. Too bad Trump didn’t make that same election. The pic they’re playing on the tube has him standing at a microphone next to Rahm Emmanuel (spelling?). That’s really all you need to know. What an incredible bunch of losers!!! Both parties. It may be that the convention this summer will actually be interesting and meaningful. I doubt it, but maybe.

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