Fun with the pump

Attacked by the Polar Vortex. I am happy with global warming attacks but not so much with the Polar creature. It was 42 this AM against a 32 forecast by the weather guru’s on the tube. I didn’t break out the frost covers because I never believed the forecast would accurately predict our house. The next time I might because this cold spell will have chilled the lake a little more. We have another cold front forecast for next week but it doesn’t look all that strong to me.

And still no speckled perch but instead I’ve hooked several large bass. What’s that all about???? It’s hard to actually land a big bass with the micro hooks I’m using to lure the spec’s but it’s fun to get some action going. We’re halfway through January so the spec’s really have to step it up. I’m guessing it’ll turn hot – the fishing not the temp – any day now.

Last night (Thursday) about 7PM Nancy called out from the bathroom with word that we had no water. She had a tub about half full when it just stopped. The well and pump are up a couple hundred feet from the house and it was pitch black. Bears. I got a lantern and went up to see what was going on; hoping for an obvious something to fix. It was dead – had power but wasn’t running. I banged it around with a mallet – my standard repair technique – in the hopes of dislodging whatever was causing the problem. All to no avail. We were expecting a strong storm front overnight so I was concerned that it would be tough to get a service person out before the weekend. Who knows after that. I called George to confirm the name of the pump service guy. George suggested running a hose from his system to ours so we would have water until it got fixed. We did the reverse of that a few months back when his pump crashed. Within a half hour we were back up and running with water in the house. Got up early Friday morning and walked up to get the mail and paper – passing by the well on the way. As luck would have it, it started running as I approached. I removed George’s water supply and it continued running. The pump shut off when the pressure built up – just as it should – and then restarted when I turned on a hose to drain it – just as it should. I let it cycle for about an hour and had Nancy wash a load of clothes and then called off the repair guy. We took the cover off the main electrical contacts and verified that they looked good so there’s really no definitive reason for the problem. The repair guy said chances are an ant or two got into the contact box and caused a temporary problem. I didn’t see any dead bodies near the contacts but …………….. I sprayed bug killer around the contacts just in case.

Nancy got another round of shots in her eye. They do seem to be doing some good. Still not driving but I think she could. Probably a lot of folks on the road with worse vision. The next round is in 8 weeks – they keep extending the time between shots. I think the plan is to continue with the shots until the spacing is 3 months. We’re almost there.

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