Season’s greetings

Sorry for the large gap in posts. This time of year gets crammed with routine doc appointments, seasonal parties and guest visits. And since I’m doing 100% of the driving right now, that means more time at fun things like grocery shopping. I’m driving Miss Nancy! That plus the perfect weather has the garden going crazy with new growth – take away the hot weather bugs and the plants take off big time. This season I’m trying to do the best I can to space plantings (in time) for a more continuous harvest. It’s working out just right but for sure it takes more attention.

Both grandsons are home for the holidays and we managed to capture them for two days. That’s two grandson’s and Simon’s menagerie – River, a dog, and Tony, a turtle. We squeezed in some fishing and Nancy pulled out the stops on feeding them so it was a fun time. Chris had emailed a recipe for meat balls that he claimed to be best ever so we tried those out on the boys. Success – they were incredible. I’ve always been of the “all meatballs are the same” school of thought. Now I’m a convert. The pasta sauce that she made with the meatballs was also exceptional – made from Cherry Tomatoes. You know you have a serious overload of cherry tomatoes when you can make a gallon or so of sauce.

And while I’m on cherry tomatoes. another cherry tomato pizza this time with New Zealand spinach and Cubanelle peppers as extra toppers. Incredible and we’re probably the first people in the universe to have that combination.
I’m using the NZ spinach in green smoothies, mixed with lettuce in salads, and anywhere else that seems reasonable. The interesting thing is that the more we use it, the better it gets. The first time I cut it the leaves were older and tougher – edible but not optimum. With each cutting, the number of old leaves and stems is being reduced so that now the entire patch is mostly tender. The patch is roughly 6’x2’ and I guarantee you that’s big enough to supply us and half a dozen more friends and neighbors. And now the row of kale is at full production level – a 3’x10’ row will keep everybody we know in Kale overload from now until April. Ditto leaf lettuce, collard greens, and Swiss Chard. These are all crops that continue producing new leaves as you pick. We know a few vegans so it’s time to invite some over for a major garden trim job.

Fresh Goodies

Then there are the unitary crops – cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, carrots, onions, garlic, radishes. potatoes – one plant, one harvest. These are the ones that I try to spread out so that there’s always something ready to pick. Even then, with just the two of us each cabbage or each broccoli or cauliflower ends up covering our needs for two or three meals. You do the math.

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