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We had a nice day yesterday with Tom. His company has moved to a new location downtown and we were invited down to see the new place. We took the sun rail train instead of driving – avoiding the Interstate construction and downtown parking issues. It’s about an hour train ride vs a 40 minute drive if the Interstate doesn’t jam. And even with cheap gas prices, it cost us $7.50 for two round trip tickets so it made sense in every way. Tom met us at the Church Street Station which is about a 5 minute walk to his building. They occupy several thousand square feet on the 19th floor of the Chase building. Beautiful views all around – it overlooks lake Eola, an Orlando central landmark- and you can see the control towers at the airport – probably 15 miles away. It was a complete gutting and rebuild of the facility except for the reception area. I was more than a little impressed with how well it turned out both functionally and aesthetically. Great lighting, great sound control and plenty of space for growth.

The garden is starting to produce at a good clip. Lot’s of cherry tomatoes – enough to make a cherry tomato pizza every day if we wanted; all the lettuce we can eat; ditto radishes; kale and New Zealand spinach leaves for green smoothies; could pick a head of broccoli and a cabbage. The swiss chard is just too buggy to eat so I’m pulling it out and starting a new batch. By the end of this month we should be rolling in spinach and I put in a new row of turnips. My guess is that these turnips will produce only greens but now I know why, thanks to my Florida Gardening library book. Turns out that you should never disturb any root crops. You thin them but leave the remaining plants exactly where they are. When I thin, I do it very gently and then replant the one’s I’ve dug out. In the case of the turnips, I planted one row thickly and then made 3 widely spaced rows when I thinned. Basically all of the little plants were moved. That’s why my carrots are inconsistent too. Live and learn. That same book also had a section on pineapples. I have a row of 7 in the garden that I’m going to yank out based on the book. I had planned to put a photo of some recent garden goodies but a recent software update left me scratching my head as to how to load a photo from the camera memory to the computer. It was always almost automatic, now they’ve managed to make it much more difficult. I hate the words “update”.

Another first – one of Nancy’s buddies brought her a couple garlic heads so I broke one down into 9 cloves and planted those as an experiment – 3 rows with 3 each separated 9”. Within a week, 3 popped out and as luck would have it, those 3 were all in one row. Then nothing for a week so I assumed that only 3 out of the 9 were going to germinate. Another week brings us up to today. I did my morning garden check and saw that another 3 had popped out overnight and those 3 were all in the same row so I now have 2 rows of 3 each out and growing and another row of 3 still underground. Seems like a strange pattern to me but………….. I think these are a 4 month project but they don’t take up much space. I also learned that there are two different kinds of garlic designated hard neck and soft neck. Here we’re supposed to be growing soft necks but I have no idea what I’ve actually planted.

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