Feeling like the ’60’s

The garden is nearly 100% planted and starting to produce a little. We’re picking lettuce, radishes, eggplant, green peppers, and the first cherry tomatoes. We’re about a month away from any of the winter stuff but it’s all in and looking stable. I’d like to get a couple of cool mornings, in the low 50’s, to put down most of the bugs and just let the nutrient full soil take over. That also means that I can switch my time from gardening to fishing for the next couple of months. I’m ready for that.

What’s new? Chris ran in and finished a 15K race. I was impressed that he finished but more impressed that he even started at 7 AM when the temp was 30. And Nancy made an impressive new culinary masterpiece – eggplant, pork chop parmesan. It was her sauce and an eggplant fresh from the garden, layered with cheese and the pork chops. Really good.
And the Gators keep winning – barely. They have a decent shot at a one loss season and a slim chance at an SEC championship. At least they’ll be in the game.
Is it just me or is this starting to feel like the 60’s? An inexperienced, liberal Democrat is elected and the place starts falling apart. Race issues dominate and includes urban rioting, burning down communities and campus unrest (can we drop Missou from the SEC?) – the inmates taking over the prisons? the animals taking over the farms and zoos? Instead of LSD and marijuana, it’s heroin and meth; instead of Viet Nam it’s Afghanistan. Is it any wonder that guys like Trump and Sanders all of a sudden start looking real? Ten years ago half the people running for Pres would have been laughed off the stage now they command the lead in all the polls. The only good thing coming out of the 60’s was the music (and my kids).

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