The week at the beach

After the big shark catch on Sunday, decided to try something different – instead of fishing with finger mullet at high tide, I tried shrimp at low tide. Caught a few small whiting and pompano. Nothing great but fun. At low tide there’s a shallow trough followed by a sandbar followed by a wider, deeper trough. I waded out past the first trough and on the bar to the edge of the second trough.

Day 4 (Tuesday)- high tide was at 8AM and really big and booming so I went back to the heavy duty gear and finger mullet – hoping for bluefish. Wasn’t too long before I was landing another shark. This one was different – smaller for sure but it looked like a mako or thresher. Steel gray color, a long sweeping tail, and a serious set of dentures. I looked them up on the internet and I believe the big one was a nurse shark, the smaller a thresher. Both are plentiful on the Florida East Coast.

We spent a good bit of the day checking out alternative places to stay other than where we have been. We love this place but they only rent for weeks or months and there are lots of times when a 3 day vacation would be just what the doc ordered. We found several adequate places and learned that Oct and November are really slow months so occupancy would not be an issue. Between Dec and Aug, different story – better have reservations. We also stopped by the Palm Coast Bridge Club so that Nancy could check out the lighting and see if she could play with her problematic eyes. Looks good enough to try so she told them to get a partner for her on Wednesday.

Wed. – Dropped Nancy off at the bridge club and went to Wal mart to replenish my sinker stock and get some new, stronger line for the surf reel. I’ve had 5 line breaks in fewer days and that’s just not something that should happen. I use really good line so I didn’t expect the stuff I was using to weaken but I guess it’s pushing 5 years old and surf fishing, particularly in big, booming surf takes it’s toll. I got a spool of 50# test Power Pro, the heaviest braided line I’ve ever used and was lucky to get the last 3 four ounce pyramid sinkers they had. I had an alternative to use a back up reel but then I wouldn’t have remembered that this line was marginal until the next time I went to use it.

Thursday – fair fishing. Seems I can always go out and pick up a few. Got one worth keeping – an 18” redfish. That’s the first one of those I’ve caught in the surf in 100 years. I catch them occasionally in the rivers but not the surf. The ocean ones are much lighter in color but still have that giant black spot on the tail.

Friday – Nancy went to the eye doc for another shot (or 3). The good news is that she was able to see the eye chart better this time than last; the third line down as compared to no lines down a month ago. The bad news was that the doc told her she couldn’t legally drive. That bummed her out and maybe it’s not a permanent situation but if it is, it is. That’s why I got new tires on the truck!

One more day at the beach but way more than that many restaurants we haven’t hit yet. Now what!!!!!!

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