A New Barber?

Got the onions planted and after a few days, they seem to be doing just fine. I’ll plant now and then again in March. My spinach seed failed to germinate in the garden so I’m trying again with a new batch of seed. That seed was date 2013 and spinach is one of those seed types that don’t last too long. Luckily I have some 2014 on hand. I also put some potato pieces in the same row. Nancy had some of her potatoes start to grow in the fridge so I cut them into chunks with visible eyes. I’ve done this before with nominally decent success. They’re Idaho’s so I planted them on northwest side of the garden.

George ended up back in hospital for a couple of days as the cuts were not healing correctly. His hand and arm were really swollen and the wound was oozing some nasty looking stuff. They redid it and told him that there were still pieces of the grind wheel imbedded but that they would come out naturally. The surgeon felt it was just too risky to try to remove it surgically. A home nurse comes daily to change the dressing and he seems to be getting along fine.

Nancy’s sight continues to improve and she is now doing some quilting and has been to bridge the past two weeks. She gets another shot next week while we’re at the beach. We’ll find out then if she is cleared to drive – she’s pretty sure she can handle it right now but I’d rather get a professional opinion. Besides, I got new tires on the truck so I can load the kayak in the bed and check out some new fishing areas while she’s playing bridge. But the moment of truth came up yesterday. For the past 10 years or so, Nancy has cut my hair. I’m not at all fussy and never liked going to barbers from age 1 until now. But I was wondering exactly how to politically handle it. So when she said I needed a haircut and broke out the gear, I decided to just let it happen rather than hurt her feelings by suggesting another barber. I figured the worst that could happen was I had to get a repair job or stay clear of any mirrors. If people started laughing uncontrollably…………… Anyway, we went ahead and it seems ok to me.

We hit the beach next week. We’re thinking about changing our beach algorithm in the future. We’ve really loved going and the place we stay is perfect but we have to fix the date so far in advance and it isn’t always the best timing. So we’re thinking of changing two full weeks into a series of 2 and 3 day trips when we feel like it. We would move around to different beaches from time to time – give Crescent Beach a shot, for example or the Sebastian beach area. I don’t think we’d have trouble securing places if we focus on mid week stays – keep away from the weekends. To me surf condition is important and there have been several times in the past where the surf was just too strong to fish for half the trip. We haven’t severed the ties yet but that’s where our head is now.

Congrats Chris. Chris ran and finished a 10K race this past week and finished respectably. He enjoyed it so much that he signed up for a 15K in a couple of weeks. This one is a hot chocolate run and supposedly is a well attended annual event in Chicago.

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