More Action

Never a dull moment at the lake. Nancy had a routine appointment with a doc to review the latest scans of her thyroid. We drove to the place, parked and walked to the extension trailer he occupied. There was a sign on the door saying he had moved to a suite in the main building. That caused us to turn around and stare at the car which was billowing smoke from under the hood. I lifted the hood and told Nancy to get the fire extinguisher from the trunk. Sure enough there was a major conflagration going on – a fiery rat or squirrel nest covering, what looked like, half the engine compartment. She couldn’t find the extinguisher so I was batting it out as best I could with a dish towel that she did find. I was making some progress but it looked like a goner to me, especially if it ever burned thru a gas line. At what point do you back away and let nature take it’s course? She found the fire extinguisher and I had it out within a few seconds. She headed to the doc’s office while I tended to the smoldering heap. After the smoke cleared I got in and tried to start it – first crank so I knew that nothing critical had been damaged. Most of the burning was the nest material, not the engine parts. When I got it out, a security guy came over and suggested I move the car around to the back where there was a hose so I could wash off all the residual from the extinguisher and the remaining burning embers. The amazing thing to me is that I had just had the car worked on last week and know there were no problems under the hood so all that nest building had taken place subsequent to that. We’re going to find another place to park the cars and then resume the critter wars with some serious poison.

Update – I put 8 chunks of serious rat poison under the shed and carport where I suspect they nest. I checked first thing the next morning and all of it was gone. This is a slow acting poison so I’ll give it a few days to a week and then repeat the process. In the meantime we won’t park the toyota in the carport for a while. I was also suspicious of the new firewood pile George had constructed a few months back. The old firewood pile was home to several colonies. So I put a couple of chunks of the poison on the pile closest to the carport. They were still there, untouched overnight so that area seems clear.

Had a coral snake in the garden this morning. Don’t freak out but I felt something touching my toe as I was standing at the garden fence checking it out. I looked down and saw the 2’ critter slithering along and over top of my toe. It had the yellow on black banding that I think means it’s a coral snake – doesn’t it? In any event, it’s now composting along with fish carcasses.

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