More Emergency Room Tales

We’re still getting more than enough rain – 1/2” plus almost everyday with a few real downpours. Part of the garden is lovin’ it; part, not so much. The pole beans and cucumbers are crawling their way up the trellis, the butternuts are a few feet long and one of the zucchini bushes has a 2” fruit started. The tomatoes are looking pretty funky. I think with them it’s the heat and humidity, not the water directly. I put in a patch of carrot seed but not sure how that will work out. It’s really early but supposedly this variety can handle heat. We’ll see. Another item that’s actually looking positive is the tetrogonia aka New Zealand spinach. I tried some last season and had zero luck – never could get any seeds to germinate – but at the same time Joey did really well with his and said it provided good greens throughout the summer. I got a couple seeds to germinate which is actually all you need. The seed pods are clusters so if it does germinate, there will be multiple plants. That’s the same as beets and chard so I guess they’re somehow related. Anyway, it’s a bushy plant that you just cut and eat as you want so just a few plants will get the job done for a long season.

If they greet you by your first name at the Emergency Room are you there too often? I made two visits last week for the same thing – spontaneous, persistent nose bleeds. After the first visit two Saturday’s ago I tried in vain to get in to see an ENT guy. I called the closest one, highly recommended, and told them I was referred from the Emergency Room. I later learned that’s the wrong thing to say. Doc’s don’t like emergency room kind of patients so never returned my calls. They were always courteous and said they’d pass the info along to the doc and he would call and set something up. I learned that after the second trip last Thursday. I asked them for the name of a local ENT and they included that info with my discharge papers. I called and said I was referred by the Emergency room and the nurse gave me the same story – we’ll tell the doc and he’ll get back with you to set something up. I asked the nurse if it would be easier if my regular doctor did the referral and she said it would be much, much easier – less paperwork. I interpreted that to mean they really don’t won’t to deal with people who use the emergency room and I can understand that. I also interpreted the delay to mean they needed to run a credit check or something. I called my regular doc and they said they’d take care of the referral so if I’m right, I’ll probably get a call Monday setting up an appointment. The good news is that the nosebleeds have stopped for four days now – the longest stretch in a couple of months. They cauterized it which is not the most pleasant experience but it seems to have worked.

The other good news is that they checked my blood level and I have plenty.
Nancy heads off to Bermuda this week. Somebody has to stay at the farm. I was concerned that a tropical storm might interrupt the cruise but doesn’t look like it. One way I can tell is by looking in the fridge and seeing the containers of future dinners building up.

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