Hurricane Coming????

The lake level peaked in May, then dropped thru Mid July, and has been rising ever since. It’s now back to the May peak – and we still have Sept and October ahead of us – the peak of my official hurricane season. A decent tropical storm can drop 8-12” so there’s not much margin at this point. Speaking of which, there’s one aimed at Miami right now. I’m ready. Got my generator fueled and about 20 extra gallons of non-ethanol gas; chain saw oiled; batteries installed in the flashlights and lanterns; 2 full propane tanks for the Holland and good rope to tie up the loose stuff on the dock. I know the generator works because Simon and I cranked it up for a few hours back in May to run the chain saw and I know the flashlights worked because we lost power for a few hours a week ago. They worked but were too dim to be useful which is why I knew they needed new batteries. I’m guessing this particular storm, Erika, is not going to amount to much for us but no sense not being ready.

Last week there was a seed swap at the Ormond Beach library. I’ve never been to one but thought it might be interesting and I could perhaps learn the best way to preserve seeds. I decided to combine that trip with surf fishing- which turned out to be a bad move. The fishing was fine – great weather and a few small fish. I left the beach and headed for the library. I was inside for less than an hour but when I came back to the car, I noticed that the tip of my very best surf rod was drooping badly. I pulled it out of the car and sure enough, it was broken about 6” down from the tip. Other than a very good fly rod I received as a gift, this surf rod was the best rod I’ve ever owned and will be difficult to replace. I took it to a rod repair shop and the guy told me that not only was the tip broken but it had a slight, but noticeable twist so the guides didn’t quite line up. He said he knew what had happened to the rod – “you left it in a hot car”. And I did. Apparently graphite rods and hot cars are a bad combination. It can easily get over 120 degrees in the sun but still I wouldn’t have guessed heat would be an issue.

Plus the seed swap turned into a bust – a bunch of little ole ladies talking about flower seeds. When I mentioned that I was only interested in veggies several noses turned up to the sky. One lady said there was a seed packet labeled cucumbers and I asked what kind. Blank stare. I said thanks but nobody would ever just plant a random cucumber seed without knowing something about it. Is it a pickle cucumber?; lemon?; Armenian?; Burpless? I lasted about 5 minutes.

It looks like my ice maker theory is fact – the more ice in the bin, the faster it produces new cubes. I did a 100% dump the other day to load a cooler for a trip to Sam’s. When we got home about 8 hours later it looked like it had made one or two new trays. That compares with about 1 hour to make a tray when the bin is nearly full. That gives me a clue as to why the temp setting may have been changed initially – to accelerate the ice making process. I’m tempted to do that but decided to leave well enough alone.

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