Ice Cubes Galore

I still think the solution to a screwed up ice maker is to use less ice. I read somewhere that cold drinks are bad for you. My bride disagrees with all that so I made another run at the ice maker last week and noticed that the water tube was totally clogged with ice. I gave it the hair dryer treatment (again), removed the ice clog that was blocking the fill tube, and manually filled the water tray hoping that would trigger a correct cycle. I also raised the temp in the freezer – from setting 3 to 2. It didn’t work – It formed cubes from the water I’d manually added but wouldn’t fill back automatically. I checked again today and found the fill tube was clogged, frozen again. I repeated what I had done before and then raised the freezer temp setting from 2 to 1 to see if maybe that would prevent the ice buildup. About two hours later it dumped the formed ice cubes and automatically filled the tray with water. Promising. I think this was the first time it did the refill itself in recent memory. Is it possible that the only problem all along was the temp setting? Two hours later another batch of well formed cubes dumped into the bin. Two more hours, another batch. It continued to turn out ice overnight so I’m declaring victory.

More good news. There’s a house up at the top of our property which had been previously occupied by several migrant worker families but unoccupied for the past year or so. It’s a semi eyesore – not all that bad, but not great. The word was that it was in foreclosure and purchased in some kind of tax deal. It had a realty sign on the road for a few months but that disappeared a while back. I’ve been ok with it vacant since it gave me a place to burn trash and brush. Supposedly it’s been sold and will be bulldozed next week. The property will be consolidated with other pieces owned by the guy way down the other end of the lake and become part of a large pasture on his ranch. That works for me.

My fall veggie starts are doing fine. I’ve got about a dozen tomatoes; ditto peppers; and some eggplant. I’ve got starts for Joey and one of Nancy’s quilting buddies too. In the next week or so I’ll do some direct garden planting with squash and beans- not much because it’s on the early side but enough to produce groceries if we get favorable weather conditions. I like to plant stuff a little early, right on, and a little late to cover the climate variables.

People seemed befuddled by the number of folks running for president. They’re not all running for president – fewer than half by my reasoning. About half are running for VP and the rest are running for Secretary level appointments. They’ll garner a certain level of support for themselves and then pledge it to one of the real candidates in exchange for a high level position if their guy wins. A Kasich, Jendel, Fiorino, Rick Perry or Ben Carson are in that category (although I think the gov of SC will end up on somebodies ticket as VP. Good choice for Walker since it brings some Southern to his candidacy).

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