I’ve got the Black Finger

Olivia did a micro vacation at the lake and it turned out to be non-stop action. She made a quilt, learned to make spaghetti sauce and cleaned the decorative foliage that sits atop all our kitchen cabinets. The plastic foliage and other items mixed in collect dust and are too high for Nancy to deal with so an annual full cleaning is necessary (to Nancy). It was lots of fun having her and I don’t think, with so much going on in the house, she ever made it down to the lake.

The other big news also comes from Tom’s family. I mentioned that Simon stopped by the other day on his way to a job interview in Alabama. He got the job. He will be employed by Auburn University in conjunction with the 4H organization to do outreach environmental education for all the schools in a particular county. His county/territory is a rural area southwest of Birmingham. He still has outstanding applications but this offer is firm and one he wants so it’s likely, but not 100% done. One thing that struck us as funny is that one of the jobs he inherits is head coach for a championship level kids shotgun team. To the best of my knowledge he’s never shot a shotgun and was raised in an anti-gun household. We used to keep it a secret from his mother when he’d shoot my pellet gun or a 22 caliber rifle for a boy scout merit badge.

Starting the fall garden. The fall garden is the trickiest because it straddles hot weather crops and cold weather crops and much depends on the exact way the weather breaks. In that sense, it’s mostly out of my control. I’m going to add to the uncertainty by trying varieties I’ve had issues with in the past. I’ve attributed most of my failures in the past to soil quality but I’m now convinced that’s not an issue and ready to test it. So it’s San Marzano tomatoes, crook neck squash, acorn and butternut squash and Italian grilling peppers. I may be going with a new cucumber variety as well but that’s not voluntary – I just can’t find any Sweet Success seeds. I started seeds, indoors, for the tomatoes and peppers earlier this week. In a perfect world, those will result in plants going into the garden by Labor Day. The squash and cucumber seeds, along with pole beans, will go directly into the garden at the same time. And I’ll start seeds, indoors, for cabbage, kale, collards and broccoli then – destined for the garden Oct 15- and maybe some heat resistant lettuce. All of this assumes no hurricanes. I’m also going to try a variety of carrots, in September, that supposedly handles heat.

Is it a bad sign if one of your fingers turns black? Only on the top side? I must have banged it against something but no pain or anything to alert me that something wasn’t exactly right. So I was surprised when I looked down and saw a black finger. It lasted about 3 days then cleared up just fine. Plavix.

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