Oven Repair

Had fun house guests this week – Simon and his lady friend, Amy. I use the term house guests but they spent hours and hours floating in the lake. They’re coming back later this week on the way back to Alabama – Amy back to work, Simon for a job interview.

And who could blame them for the big float trips – it is truly hot, hot, hot. Arizona kind of hot. The garden is in full “bake” mode. There are only two garden rows (out of a dozen) with anything growing – a few green peppers, a few jalapeños and a few eggplants. All the other rows are barren and just soaking up the sun. I keep these rows cleaned of weeds so they really do heat up. That’s part of my anti nematode prescription which, overall, seems to be working better each season. Your never exactly sure which part of the attack is working but the combination is for sure.

And we are starting to get more summer rain. We got 4-5” last week and the forecast is for more of the same on a daily basis so the lake level is creeping up and cooling down. Perfect. I noticed one other “crop” that is dealing well with the heat and humidity – the bamboo crop. Holy cow is that stuff growing. I use it occasionally for stakes but it puts out far more shoots/trunks/branches than I can keep up with. We need a panda. A typical shoot that I cut is about 2” in diameter at the base and 20’ long. They seem to last about 2 years before totally drying out and breaking.

Nancy alerted me to the fact that the oven wasn’t heating properly. To me that means heavier use of the Holland; to Nancy that means call the repair guy. We compromised and ordered a new heating element online for me to play appliance repair guy. It looks like a very simple fix. Maybe it will be something else but the element is so cheap, why not give it a try. No doubt the top element was getting hot and the bottom one wasn’t. For insurance, I went out and caught a couple of bass that are best fried. I think maybe the rain mentioned above is getting the fish moving around a bit and heading back to the shoreline to feed. Just what you figured: the part didn’t quite match the original equipment. It took two days and significant effort by George to modify the new part to do the job. I put about 6 hours into it and George another 3. Nothing is ever easy.

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