Lake Parties

We had a great lake party Sunday, celebrating Olivia’s 19th birthday. Ate early, an Italian feast, then spent the next few hours in the lake or lounging on the dock. Tom brought his tubes up which were a great addition to the water activity. Good thing we had it Sunday since it really stormed big time on Monday. The pic is not very good but it will give you an idea of the lake activity. I was the only one not in the water. Somebody had to watch the cooler, didn’t they?

Water fun
Water fun

After staying on the dock through a few of these afternoon storms recently, I decided to forego the experience and get back up to the house. Good move. We got 2.5” in about 30 minutes and loads of howling wind and lightning. Then it calmed down and dropped another inch. The lake needs the water and the cooling down so I was ok with the whole event. I was watching the progress of the storm on the radar and saw a large hail cell not more than 3 miles from here. I got up the next morning secure in the knowledge that I had fairly well cleared out the jungle over the past two weeks and my sore pruning hand swelling had gone down. The prednisone had gotten control of the bug bites. I walked up to the mail box and picked up a few dead branches that had blown down onto the driveway but nothing serious. Then I went down to the dock to make a few exploratory casts and noticed right away that a fairly substantial water oak had been broken by the wind. Not uprooted but twisted, split, and broken and the area around the picnic table was a disaster. I got my tree kit including the hand pruner, loppers, and chain saw and within an hour, had it back in shape. I’ll have about that much more time invested by the time I haul it all over to the burn pile and convert it to ash.

I have learned one thing from my neighbor. On one of our recent tree limbing outings, I picked up his pruner and loppers instead of my own. What a difference. His cut through the limbs like a hot knife through butter whereas mine require much more blood, sweat, and tears. He sharpens his and I don’t. Until then. I hit Harbor Freight, picked up a set of files and set about working on my tools. While I was at it I picked up an oil can and lubricated all the moving parts. Wow, what a difference. I don’t think mine are as sharp as his yet but I’m going to pick up a whetstone and really get to work on them. I think if I had been working with sharp tools the last couple of weeks, all those hand problems wouldn’t have happened. Seems like I would have learned that about 50 years ago, doesn’t it?

Add Suwannee River sturgeon attacks to the Outer Banks shark attacks. In case you missed the news, the Suwannee is loaded with large sturgeon that just occasionally jump out of the water and have been know to collide with boaters. That’s the same place Simon did his kayak trek earlier this year and actually saw a few jumps. Tom was fishing there a few weeks ago and also reported flying sturgeon. These guys can get to a couple hundred pounds and 7’ long. In this case a child was killed and the mother and brother injured enough to require facial surgery.

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