Sharks, Gators and Bears Oh My

Officially ready for the next event at the lake. I spent the week clearing jungle (still/again). It only cost one round of prednisone because somewhere along the way I was bitten by something that overwhelmed my immune system. I don’t think it was the wasp hit but it could have been plain old mosquitoes, gnats, or fire ants. It might even have been some jungle plant, a distant cousin to poison ivy. For a day or two I thought maybe it was splash over from the jalapeños. We pickled another batch this week along with another, probably the last, batch of spaghetti sauce. We ended up with 10 jars, enough to last until next season if I ration them carefully. So I’m walking the edge as to growing a fall crop. Anyway, I’m dosed with prednisone and Benadryl and coated with anything that says itch relief on the label – mostly cortisone and calamine lotion.

Anyway, the jungle is looking good and we can properly celebrate Olivia’s 19th birthday. Weather permitting. Getting a little rain but not enough to lift the lake level (yet) – just keeping up with evaporation. It also keeps the water cooler for great swimming. The fishing is just ok – not great but I usually pick up a fish or two. I go out almost any time the urge strikes – morning, mid day or evening – mostly decided based on wind and weather conditions. So if it rains mid aft and cools things off, I’ll pop out in the kayak for a half hour or so to give it a try; Not unusual to do that a couple times a day. Tough life, I know. With the garden going into a rest period, fishing is the replacement.

Shark, gator, and bear attacks. What do they have in common. They’re all protected. There’s a reason people got rid of them 50 years ago. The shark one cracked me up when I heard it linked to global warming the other day. I think it might be better connected to the recovery of sea turtles – sharks showing up near the beaches as the baby turtles hatch and head to the sea. Each nesting season has become better for a few years now so…………. If I were running North Carolina I’d be authorizing a bounty on sharks caught in the surf as a reward to us diligent surf fishermen protecting our shorelines from finny invaders. Or running restaurant specials on shark fin soup.

I keep wondering when Biden will jump into the race. I can’t guess yet which Republican Governor he’ll face but he should have a pretty clear run after Hillary self destructs and the old commie crashes.

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