Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry for the gap in postings but it’s been non stop activity here.
This past week has been grueling. The garden is winding down in terms of time spent maintaining but the jungle has continued to creep and grow. I got a good start on trimming it a few weeks back when Simon helped but it was just a small dent in the total area so this week I put my full attention on it. The added incentive or push comes from the fact that we are having a father’s day event here, some house guests from Tampa are visiting for a few days next week, and George is hosting an annual fish fry for his motorcycle club and that invariably spills over onto our dock. It just so happens that this week was also the hottest so far this year and touching on all time (for the date) records. When I work in the jungle I have to wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, and heavy duty gloves and socks to help protect from bugs, saw palmettos, and other hazards. That’s no big deal in January but this time of year, about 4 hours is all I can deal with. The clothes are totally saturated by the time I wear out. I’m guessing I’ll have dropped 5 pounds by the time I hang it up and label the task done. As big a job as cutting and yanking out the jungle is hauling it to the burn pile. Visualize a pile of brush 10’x10’x6’ – I get one or two of those every day. The grand finale each day is putting that to the torch. I feel like one of those CA forest fire fighters.
Tom and family came to the lake on Father’s Day and a fun time was had by all. One objective of the day was to put a new roller on his trailer. Since the get go launching and retrieving the boat has been problematic- doable but not always clean. Our analysis was that it needed another roller. Bingo. On a preliminary basis on our lake it seemed to do much better but we decided to try it out in a real life situation on the Wekiva River. Along with a great day of fishing, lots of wildlife sighting – gators galore, owls, manatee, turtles etc. The launching couldn’t have been smoother but the real test was a one operator retrieval. Tom pulled it off perfectly so the new roller configuration did the trick.

Bear report. Our neighbor George called the other day to inform us that a bear had jumped down out of the trees surrounding his house to get at a hanging bird feeder. Barbara was very close by when it happened and it scared the hell out of her – as it would any of us. It’s been a while since we’ve had any tell tale signs of bear activity but……….

We had company this weekend from friends living in St. Pete. Barbara and Renee Brosan visited again and we had a great time. The Brosan’s are friends from the early ’70’s in Altamonte. Took the SunRail train to Winter Park; the gals did a little shopping while I relaxed on a park bench. Then a nice lunch where we were joined by Tom. That was all on Thursday. On Friday we spent most of the day on the dock or in the lake. Joey came over in the afternoon and we rode out a miniature hurricane huddled together on the dock asking ourselves what kind of a mess we were in. Just a lot of fun.

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