Another Great Pizza

Lindsay emailed that the South Carolina garden we planted has started popping out, both the squash and the bush beans. I’m more excited about that than I am my own garden. I was fairly certain the squash seeds would germinate since they are this season’s but the beans were left over from last year, making them suspect. I had told them to expect to see something in one week and crossed my fingers. They actually started popping out in 5 days so at this point, I’m off the hook. I’m very confident they will be well cared for and only hope the soil and location are up to the job.

Tom and I went to the Tomoka River on my birthday. We caught fish and he treated me to lunch at the Tomoka River Grill. It’s a good restaurant where we sat outside on a patio and watched the river action. Lot’s of fish jumping and we were entertained this time with a manatee, an alligator, a porpoise, and loads of rolling tarpon. I got a complimentary piece of orange cake to honor the day – the best I’ve ever had. The Tomoka River is brackish so we catch a mix of fresh and salt water fish, this time bass, snook and a redfish. Lot’s of rolling tarpon but we just couldn’t get one to strike. Bet I’ll be back there soon.

Craving excitement, I decided to make a cherry tomato pizza for dinner. Nancy plays bridge away today so it’s my day to come up with the evening meal. To spice it up I added French cut fresh picked green beans to the toppings. The toppings include a couple handfuls of cherry tomatoes cut in half, a green pepper, an onion, basil, oregano and the green beans all marinated in olive oil overnight or for at least 6 hours. Spread it on the shell, sprinkle liberally with mozzarella and parmesan cheese and pop it into the Holland grill for about 15 minutes. I debated blanching the beans for a few minutes before mixing with the other stuff but decided to stay on the wild side and leave them raw. It certainly looks good and it tasted even better. The beans were perfected without blanching.

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