Back from South Carolina

Back home from the Christening. Mission accomplished. Elizabeth Anne stole the show and didn’t let out a peep when the water was sprinkled on her head; maybe a little later but nothing during the ceremony. We’ve been to more ceremonies at that little South Carolina church than any since leaving Salt Lake weddings and baptisms. Also got a small garden started for Grace in the back yard. I had brought up some bean and squash seeds to get Grace started since she had shown so much interest in the garden here. We picked out a nice spot along the back yard fence and got started. Wow – it was like working in red concrete. There was no way to break into it with anything resembling a conventional garden tool and started looking like the whole project was in danger. I had a tool box in the trunk of the car and took out a screw driver and hammer and started chiseling away, a chip at a time. An hour later with a pound of sweat invested, I had a 6’ x 1” strip down about 6” deep. I wasn’t convinced seeds would ever sprout in this soil/gravel so we hit Walmart and picked up a couple of bags of compost and a watering can. So let the farming begin! I sure hope something grows.

A couple of posts back I mentioned that Simon and I had cut back the trees/bushes outside the bathroom windows. This is a pic to give you an idea of how drastic that trim job was. For whatever reason the leaves started dying about 6 months ago and they were nearly bare when it became obvious they weren’t coming back on their own. This happened one time before about 5 years ago and they survived a similar cutback so I’m hopeful that they’ll recover again. There were six when we started, four when finished – we decided to take two out completely. You couldn’t tell it from looking at the post trimming pic but these bushes were close to 20’ tall. The ground was completely covered with dropped leaves, several inches thick. We vacuumed those up and ran them through the leaf chopper – lots and lots of mulch.

Trim job
Trim job

We’re full in the summer harvest mode now with loads of tomatoes, green and jalapeño peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, squash and green beans. The pic is the “catch of the day” and, believe it or not, typical rather than exceptional. This is turning into the most productive summer ever. The nematodes seem to have taken a pass on this year or maybe they just moved on to an easier place. I did scare up a rabbit inside the fence this morning but they don’t seem to ever bother anything except brand new seedlings and we’re months past that. Rabbit stew? Rabbit and squirrel stew?
catch of the day

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