Firewood Project

Finally starting to get some rain after a really dry May. Not enough here at the lake but at least some action. I’ve been surprised at how well the plants in the garden have held up in the dry heat with no signs of late afternoon wilting. That’s a good sign that the soil has enough organic material to hold moisture way beyond the native sand.
Picked the first eggplant which went from hanging on the bush to parmigiana in just a few hours. That was along with a couple pounds of plumb tomatoes, a couple of green peppers, basel and oregano picked at the same time. This is a new (to me) eggplant variety, hence the picture in case you were conjuring up the image of one of those old fashion black ones. I planted 7 this time around, anticipating only 3 or 4 surviving but they all seem to be doing well and the bushes are loaded with tiny fruit and blossoms. Our newest neighbors seem to love veggies so there will be more than enough to go around.
Starting to plan the fall garden already – that’s the stuff ready for harvest in November and on to the first freeze. Seeds for tomatoes and peppers actually get planted indoors by mid July with a target date of mid September to hit the big time. Then mid September, seeds for squash, cucumbers, and green beans are planted directly in the garden. And at that time, seeds for the winter crops are started indoors. They’re to be garden ready in November/December.

First eggplant of the season
First eggplant of the season

The big activity this week has been cutting wood for George’s fireplace. A neighbor across the lake lost 3 large pine trees to lightning about a year ago. George dragged his portable generator over there along with chain saws and all accessories needed to cut the 80’ trunks into 18” chunks. These chunks were then carted back to George’s house where we split them into burnable pieces and stacked them into the newly renovated wood pile. It took a total of 4 days (4 hour days) to complete the task. It sounds harder than it was because of the 22 ton log splitter George borrowed. Pine burns faster than the oak he usually uses but it’s actually easier to deal with. Trust me, I slept good all week. Totally worn out. To calibrate you on the size of the woodpile in the pic, it’s 50’ long, stacked 5’ high.
lots of firewood
lots of firewood

log splitter
log splitter

We’re going away for the weekend to South Carolina. Lindsay’s new baby is getting christened and we wouldn’t miss it. It’s about a 7 hour drive which we routinely drive in one day but decided to drive about halfway coming home so we can stop at Costco in Jacksonville for our quarterly “big buy”. The closest Costco to us is an hour away and we would be hitting it in the next few weeks anyway so it makes sense to incorporate it into this trip (my brides logic).

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