Trip On-Off

Nancy is on vacation. Salt Lake. I’m on vacation. Barberville. She’ll be gone for a week and has a pretty full schedule of events on tap. I’m going fishing. In the lake. As luck would have it, Chris is also scheduled into Salt Lake with enough overlap to meet for dinner Tuesday night. The other coincidence is her quilting buddy lands within hours of Nancy from a midwest quilting event so it will be the three of them for dinner. In honor of that dinner, I’ll go fishing and promise to think of them while I’m casting. Oops, update. The plane was delayed to the point where she would have missed the connection from Atlanta to Salt lake so when I got home the phone was ringing with Nancy on the other end telling me to come back to the airport to pick her up.

Full garden
Full garden

This is a full shot of the garden to give you an idea about how tall things are. The tallest, excluding the corn and trellis plants are tomato plants. Several are surprisingly over 6’ tall and loaded with green tomatoes. The plants in the near right corner are jalapeño peppers, loaded with ready to pick peppers; the left corner, running along the front are kale plants, still producing past mid May. The first row to the right of the kale are green pepper plants that seem to me to be twice as tall as I expected. Lots of blossoms on the pepper plants and a few mini peppers forming. You can’t distinguish them but there are 7 eggplants just forming blossoms.
We went for quite a spell on the lake where the bass fishing was poor. For whatever reasons the fish had moved from all the traditional shoreline cover and moved out somewhere in the middle of the lake. They’re baaaaaack. Tom fished it a couple of times from the poke boat and caught a few and I took it out a few nights and had more action each time than I had been experiencing for the past 6 months. Back to the evening pattern – hit the lake about 7PM and fish until dark.

I didn’t mention that I found out there are limits to how much physical stress I can experience before triggering some chest discomfort. The facility in Alabama was hilly with a couple of runs a few hundred feet long with a 10-12% grade. About 3/4 of the way up one of those I started to experience some chest pressure. I stopped and rested until it cleared – it was nowhere near as severe as the one that got me to the emergency. I had the nitro with me and really never thought about using it. A few hours later I tried again with the same result so maybe I need to either avoid that kind of thing or build up to it. I’ll mention it to the doc when I see him in a couple of months. I was a little surprised since you figure the blockage that caused the whole thing was fixed – so what’s this all about? I guess it must be figured in or they wouldn’t tell you to carry nitro.

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