Heading To Alabama

We had a nice Mother’s day at the lake. Tom and his family, all of them, plus Joey made it up. The dinner itself was actually the one planned for Easter that was aborted with my stent activity. I leave today for the Alabama fishing trip. Assuming everything goes as planned, nice weather, I’ll be home on Friday. Not too long after I get back, Nancy takes off for Salt Lake. It turns out that Chris has a business trip to Salt Lake and lands there from Chicago within a couple of hours of Nancy so they’re planning to hook up for dinner. As it further turns out, her quilting buddy, Barbara Jones, also lands in Salt Lake the same afternoon and will join the dinner party.

Here’s an interesting nature story – I mentioned a few posts back about recently burying loads of fish carcasses into the garden and taking extra precautions against buzzards. They seemed to have worked and have not seen the first attack. I think that came really from the fact that the fish were freshly caught when buried this time as compared to the earlier planting when the fish had been out for a few days ripening. I had some seedling tomato plants that were ready for the garden so I decided to plant a couple directly over the batch of carcasses planted a few weeks ago. I anticipated that there would still be some signs of them but mostly gone. I had buried them down about a foot and sure enough there were no signs of the bones or hides but what I did find was a layer, a thick layer, of maggots. I can’t imagine flies had dug down that far to get at the fish so assume that in the few hours between when they were cleaned and then buried, the eggs were planted. What surprised me was that they were apparently thriving under a foot of soil. I wonder if the larvae will convert to flies and be able to dig out or just become part of the compost???

Picking more beans than you can imagine, beautiful cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and it looks like we’re within days of starting to pick corn. George picked one a week or so back because he was convinced they were ready – even though I gave him a May 18 date. He pronounced that the crop was not going to happen – that pollination had just gone bad – total crop failure. I looked at the ear he’d picked and it looked good to me, just a few weeks premature. Last night he picked another and came to the house to tell me it looked like I was right – this one was about 90% there. (He eats them raw and declared it sweet and delicious). I told him the May 18 date was still good and that the ear he picked could use another week or so in the garden to reach perfection. I’m starting to get my hopes up that we’ll be in full corn overload mode soon. Just when Nancy is landing in Salt Lake.

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