Quilt Airing Pic’s

Picking cucumbers and loads of green beans. Expect cherry tomato action to pick up big time next week.

This was Nancy’s quilt group’s 8th annual quilt airing at the lake. There’s a luncheon and while they’re eating I hang the quilts on the clotheslines. Supposedly no one has seen anyone else’s quilt prior to this event. I’m not sure exactly what the rules are but they all use the same fabric or something like that. The only fun thing that happened on my end was that I needed a clothes prop at one spot to keep a quilt from dragging on the ground and picked up a bamboo pole that was resting up against a tree. It worked fine and then I noticed it was full of very large ants that were crawling all over the quilt. I can write this because I know none of them read my blog. I managed to remove the pole and pick off all the attackers without raising any attention.

All 11 Quilts
All 11 Quilts
more quilts

Another batch
Another batch

quilt show 3

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