Cold in Florida

My neighbor, Harvey, left me another load of fish carcasses hanging on the gate of the garden. They’d had a good day somewhere and there were probably 15-20 speckled perch bodies to deal with. He keeps smaller ones than I’d ever consider but………. The last time he brought me this large a batch was when I had the vulture problem a day later. I decided to try to outsmart them this time – forgetting the rule of messing with Mother Nature. I dug a trench in the 2’ wide space that runs between the trellis and the fence. It’s a good space to garden and I’m thinking it’s so narrow that the birds will have a harder time dealing with it. I grew really nice lettuce there earlier this spring and intended to leave it untended until the fall to reprise the lettuce crop. Next I stuck PVC strips vertically along the row every foot or so, cutting the landing space even smaller. Also put in a few horizontally spanning between the fence and the trellis. Last, and probably least, I spread commercial fertilizer along the row, thinking that perhaps that will mask the odor of the decaying fish and/or make the overall dining experience too nasty for the buzzards. They won last time but I didn’t know it was a battle until it was over. This time………….. I may have one other thing going for me this time – the fish are fresh. Last time they were really ripe before he brought them over so perhaps the decaying process will have run the course before the birds even know they are there.

Big adventure day. We took the Sunrail from Debary to Church Street Station in downtown Orlando, had lunch with Tom, and visited a quilt show at the Orlando History Museum. We had been trying to schedule the trip for a month and ran into interference each time – weather or other conflicts. It was certainly more relaxing than driving on the interstate and worrying about downtown parking. When we got home, George greeted me with another bucket of fish carcasses – this time catfish. I’m running out of places to plant them and wonder if this added load will really call out to the buzzards. This time I covered them and placed bricks overtop the sites.

Somebody called Nancy to play bridge at Palm Coast so it seemed like the right time to renew our Friday ritual of her playing cards and me surf fishing. I really enjoyed the day at the beach and did manage to catch a fish even with the wrong tide and the cold wind blowing directly out of the northeast, just short of gale speed. I didn’t fish too long and decided just to cruise the beach from just south of Ormond to Marineland, about 20 miles north of Flagler. If that ride was any indication, it’s going to be a banner year for beach businesses. The crowds were fourth of July size on an early May weekday. Saw lots of teens that I would have expected to be in school. I hope Friday’s not the new Saturday.

Side affect from the blood thinner – sensitive to cold. When it gets below 70, I get cold; low 60’s, I’m shivering cold.

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