Spicy Pickles

Uh oh, spotted a fawn not too far from the garden. My neighbor said he saw 4 the other day so I suspect they’re in near residence. I saw a few last year and in a couple of instances, actually saw hoof prints inside the garden but they never decided to chow down, even on the corn. Maybe they don’t like the taste of caterpillars that are eating high on the tomato plants. Fingers crossed against a Bambi attack.

Trying a low probability experiment with summer growing by planting a short row of carrots that are labeled as heat resistant. I mentioned that I had just picked the last of the carrots and those were also this same particular variety, Nelson. I have a narrow row that sits between the corn and the pole beans so it’s almost completely shaded and should remain that way for another month or so – I’m thinking enough time to let the carrots start. Along this same row and with the same strategy in mind, I planted cabbages in early March – very late for planting them here. I picked the first of those today so keeping them out of the direct sunlight has worked so far.

A few weeks back Tom brought us a jar of spicy pickles that he’d picked up at a local Farmer’s Market. They were really good (as advertised) and I decided to try something with the brine when the cucumber based pickles were gone – replace the cucumbers with slices of radish, kohlrabi, and spring onions. That was a couple of weeks ago and we opened the jar today. Incredible!! I like them better than the original because of the crispness. Really enjoyed the kohlrabi this year, mostly in salads and now pickled so I’m going to expand that crop next fall. We have plenty of taker for the leaves which apparently taste similar to collard greens and the tubers that I use, keeps for a really long time in the fridge- months – and tastes just as good as fresh picked.
I had to renew a credit card and had an interesting experience. I dialed the 800 number and the robot voice instructed me to enter or say the card number, one digit at a time. Not sure how you can do it any other way. I started laughing trying to think how to do it two digits at a time and the whole process timed out.

Next month is travel month. I’m going to Alabama on a fishing trip with Tom and Simon and Nancy is going to Salt Lake City.

Of course they’re burning and looting in Baltimore – why would you expect anything different? And they’ll live in burnt out neighborhoods with no services for years – makes sense to me. At least the liquor stores are quick to rebuild and restock.

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