More Veggie Pics

I know it’s boring to keep showing corn pictures but that’s the most exciting thing going on in my life right now. This stuff grows so fast that it truly amazes me. In the last few days it’s grown over 6’ tall and is loaded with forming ears, silk and tassels. It’s not scheduled to be ready for harvest until May 18, in about 4 weeks. The zucchini is also mind boggling in terms of growth speed. A 3” long squash becomes 6” long overnight and will turn into a log if I’d let it go a week. According to the planting log, the squash should be ready April 24 but by the 23rd, I had already picked 8 – it was running more than a week ahead of schedule. How about this – I planted the green beans on March 4 and picked the first batch today, April 23 – roughly 7 weeks from seed to beans. That seemed really fast to me so I checked it with my planting guide and it predicted they’d be ready April 25 so they’re pretty much on target. If you pick these veggies, squash and beans, when they’re ready, the plant keeps putting out but if you let them go unpicked, the taste suffers and the plants quit producing much earlier. Normally we’re at the beach this time of year and that presents a real problem in terms of optimizing the yield. I also picked the last of the carrots, a dozen or so. No fresh carrots now until next January. Ditto the butter crunch lettuce, Nancy’s favorite.

Picking Pole Beans
Picking Pole Beans
loads of ears
loads of ears
perfect zucc's at last
perfect zucc’s at last

One thought on “More Veggie Pics

  1. Hi Joe, long time no see. I hope you and Nancy are doing well. I was talking to chet and he sent me you blog. It will be great to hear from you if you get a chance.

    With warm regards


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