Back in the Kayak

The lake level is close to the highest in a couple of months and much higher than normal after the “dry” season. The wet season officially starts next month and we’ll be entering that almost full. That’s not good from a garden standpoint. I had trouble last year with rotting roots so unless we have a drier than usual wet season, I’m probably going to have the same problems. We need an XL pipeline between here and CA. In general the plants are further along this year because of a milder winter so we should still harvest plenty in May but maybe not much beyond that. Corn is head high and loaded with tassels. My projection is for picking starting May 18 and things look right on target. Also have blossoms on the pole beans so mid May for them seems right too. Ditto jalapeño peppers.

As a follow up to using detergent to ward off the boring bugs/caterpillars – nope. The only approach that seems to work is literally examining the tomato bushes meticulously and squashing the bugs by hand. At the beginning of the week I know I was squashing a 100 per trip to the garden but by the end of the week, maybe half a dozen. So maybe I’m getting on the right side of the control curve.

Blueberry season again. Nancy goes by a blueberry farm on her way to bridge and picked up 12 lbs. We freeze them in quart size freezer bags and use in cereal or whatever else calls for blueberries. 12 lbs sounds like a lot but I’m guessing we’ll get another batch that size before the season ends – mid May. We pay $4/pound. To calibrate you on local Publix pricing – a 6 oz container is $5 so this is less than half. If Nancy had gone the extra mile and picked them herself, the price would have been $3.50. I’m fairly sure had she gone the U-pik route, 12 lbs would have been reduced to 1.
I took the next step by putting the kayak into the lake and making a stab at catching some bass. I was going to catch a big one but decided to take it easy and only catch small ones. No problems so I’m ready to up the game to try for snook at the Tomoka River soon.

Late Breaking – Ears of corn starting to show!

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