New Meds

Did the first follow-up visit after the stent installation. All’s well, no problems and he said I could resume normal day to day activities. I explained that involved kayaking, fishing, digging and lots of upper body activity and he assured me that none of that will bother the stents. He also confirmed that I could eat leafy greens and that they were, in fact, good for me. The leafy green cautions are valid with some blood thinners not including Plavix. No problems with grapefruit either so I can resume my standard dietary patterns. To prevent future blockages he prescribed a statin, Crestor. Crestor is another of those drugs that you see advertised on TV that goes on forever about the side affects. I have a supply of samples to try just in case they don’t agree with me. Most common side affect is muscle pain. So far, so good. The only negative so far came when I was out checking the garden yesterday and happened to look up. There were three buzzards circling a couple hundred feet up. Do they know something I don’t?

Check out the corn. It’s gone from knee high to almost waist high in two days. Starting to see some tassels forming – same day the recently planted corn seed started germinating.

corn really going now
corn really going now

Because most everything organic ends up in the compost pile, I get renegade, unplanned plants, sprouting up from time to time. Mostly these are tomatoes but sometimes include basel, parsley, an occasional eggplant but this year potato plants are popping up all over. I pull them out and sure enough they’re attached to a piece of potato peeling so I guess sometime recently we had mashed potatoes and dumped the peelings onto the compost pile. There are a couple of vine veggies that I recognize as either squash, cucumbers or melons. They popped up in a place that could perhaps support something if only I knew what they are. Melons really get long vines so they can be very intrusive and so far, in my garden, unproductive. If I knew they were from a variety I had previously planted, I’d just yank them now but it’s quite possible they came from the remains of a store bought melon. Both us and the neighbors add melon rinds and seeds to the mix sporadically throughout the year. Right now I’m leaning toward letting them go for a while.

Tom and his family came up for Easter din din last weekend and I picked up an interesting fact that you might need. Tom had some car problems and left his Jeep at the dealer for repair. A day or so later, Tina drove the loaner to the dealer to pick up their car. The service people called for a valet person over the PA system who never showed up. Tina decided to go find the car herself but found herself in a large lot with lots of cars that looked just like theirs. She tried hitting the alarm fob to elicit a beep from the car but nothing happened. About that time a guy who worked there drove over in a golf cart. She explained her plight and the guy took the fob, held it under his neck and pushed the button. The car beeped quite a distance from where they were. He explained that somehow holding the fob in that way used your body as an antenna and extended the range. Sounds weirdly plausible and Tina was an eye witness so it must work.

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