Status update

I started this day exactly like I did a week ago. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up the same. I did a little work in the garden, same today, and it all came crashing down about noon. Nancy asked me this morning if I felt much better than I did then and I had to admit that I felt exactly the same – no hints at all last week. I have been taking it easier for sure but gradually doing a bit more each day. I put off the stuff I have always looked for excuses to put off – aka mowing the weeds. I meet with the doc on Friday and get his assessment of my status but I suspect it will be just fine.

The big bummer so far is that the beach vacation is off. The consensus thought was that it would be too strenuous so soon after the stent installation. The bluefish are in the surf big time so I can see the wisdom in not tangling with them. Also, surf fishing is a full body event; walking in the soft Flagler sand can be taxing; there are a lot of stairs to be climbed getting in and out of the place and up and down to the beach. Bummer. It would have been way better for this whole thing to have happened in mid January.

George came over this weekend to check on my health status and left Harley, his pooch, outside. Turns out Nancy had placed a package of frozen chicken thighs out the back door to defrost. You can fill in the blanks.

The corn is looking really good, in my recollection the best ever (so far). The plants are knee high and really strong looking. Last season the plants grew taller faster but looked skimpier; not as strong and the crop was just not good. It looks so good that I’m going to plant a few more rows, maybe another 50+ plants. It’s a little late in the season but you really never know and I have the space and seeds available so why not try. Worst thing that can happen is that I end up growing compost, not corn. And there are baby cherry tomatoes on a couple of the bushes so I’m amped about that. Ditto a couple of tiny zucchinis and the pole beans are climbing their little hearts out so we’re off and running big time. I have a batch of egg plant seedlings ready to move to the garden and the spot is cleared and ready for them. Rain is forecast for Saturday so I’ll wait until then to do the big move.

And still picking lots of kale, lettuce, and other greens – mostly for others. I’ve been getting mixed messages about whether or not I should be eating greens so I’ve backed off until the doc meeting. Ditto grapefruit. I received quite a load of literature on dealing with heart things on discharge and the only dietary restrictions seemed to be to avoid fatty foods. It looks to me like I’ve been doing all the right things, or nearly so, for quite a while. No smoking, losing some weight and cutting butter is a pretty good summary of the official line and I plead not guilty to any of that.

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