Roller Coaster Weather

Good progress in the garden. The corn started popping out and about half the tomato plants have been transferred to the garden. The corn was projected to germinate in 7-10 days and actually made the first appearance in 8 so right on schedule. If all holds, that will translate to corn by May 15. I have to admit to having germination anxiety – will they or won’t they.

I picked 4 cauliflowers and 2 kohlrabi this week and promptly replaced them with tomatoes. As of this date 12 tomato plants are “home”. Also planted 2 rows of pole beans. The computer says we’ll be eating beans by April 25. No signs of the cucumber or squash plants yet but I won’t panic for a few more days. I also have 16 pepper plants in a flat waiting for garden space. They can stay in the flat for another couple of weeks before I have to either move them to larger containers, aka yogurt cups, or into the garden. I’m starting to eye the Tyfon patch and a beet patch as possible pepper homes. The Tyfon has not been a customer favorite so it may be history sooner rather than later. This variety of beets has been less than spectacular as well so no great loss there. I also have a lettuce patch that can become home to 4 peppers as soon as I pull the lettuce. Plenty of customers for that. One restriction you have with peppers is that you are supposed to keep some separation between varieties to avoid cross fertilization.

We’re really experiencing a roller coaster weather pattern. It was lousy last week but most of this week has been in the 80’s only to be dashed by more cold weather today – back in the 60’s. Today is the official start of Bike Week so a little cold and rain will keep that action subdued. We keep well enough away from Daytona, action central, but the bikers spread out and there’s a background roar all around. Right after bike week, the beach is taken over by spring breakers. The word around is that Cocoa Beach may be the preferred venue this year, hopefully sparing Daytona. Tom and I have a fishing week next week so I’m hoping we get reasonable weather. In past years this spring break trip has been washed out or blown away with gale force winds.

Almond milk vs cashew milk. For a couple of years I’ve been using almond milk in my morning cereal. I don’t have any particular problem with dairy but so many people I know do that I just figure it’s an ok thing to limit. My taste buds have long since died off so I don’t taste much (if any) difference. Today when making my noon time green smoothie I noticed that my bride had switched out the almond milk for cashew milk. I looked at the ingredient label and really didn’t spot any differences so I took the plunge. Just as I suspected, couldn’t tell the difference. I can see where it would be a little off-putting because it has a brownish color as compared to white but whichever is on sale…………..

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