New Museum in Town

The Burmeister’s visited last week and we had a really nice time. The weather could have been better and we didn’t get any fishing in at all but we somehow filled the time, catching up. One place we went that probably would have been skipped if fishing was a play, was the new art museum in Daytona. I’m not a big art museum guy but this one is 100% focused on Florida art – art depicting Florida or created by Florida artists. A good bit of it was pre 1900 so it gave you perspective as to life back then. They had a single display room dedicated to art in Volusia County, our county, and another for Daytona exclusively. There was even a great painting of Sopotnik’s – the bike week venue famous for female cole slaw wrestling and wet T-shirt contests where the wetting liquid is usually beer. We liked the museum so much that we converted our one day entrance ticket into an annual pass.

It does finally look like perhaps winter is done. The forecast for the next 10 days has the highs in the low to mid 80’s and the lows in the 60’s. That will trigger a load of new planting in the garden. Just in time the cauliflower is ready or close to picking and that row converted to tomatoes. Just in time the broccoli raab has bolted and will be replaced with squash seeds right away. Just in time a section of snow peas is done and will be replaced by pole beans. I’ll pick the last of the kohlrabi midweek and put in the final cherry tomato plants. In other words the whole garden will be transforming in the next couple of weeks and carrying us through June in goodies.

I’m facing a bit of a personal crisis. I seem to be shrinking, slowly but surely. Since I’ve lived my life with plenty of spare body mass, I’m in no danger of fading away but I could eventually reach the point where I’m not technically overweight. The crisis is this. About 20 years ago I bought a belt in Durango Colorado which really caught my eye. It was a 40 and at the time I really had to squeeze in to make the first hole in the belt – it was really too small but they didn’t have the one I liked in a 42. Now I’m down to the last hole and have to start thinking about drilling new holes. I can probably get away with adding another one or two holes but beyond that it will start looking strange. I’m trying to drink more beer to avoid the tragedy of losing the belt.

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