My New Hero

Well our whole internet thing seems to have settled down. We just have to turn off the hotspot when not using.

Well, we finally got a freeze Friday morning, the first since last January, 2014. The thermometer on the front porch read 33 but there was a thin sheet of ice on a container out in the open. The nursery pumps were running which is another indicator that temps actually fell below 32. So, did the garden make it? I suited up in “all Utah” gear. That means Polartec socks, flannel lined jeans over top of sweat pants, a flannel shirt layered with a fleece sweat shirt layered with a down filled vest; Gloves and hat. I checked it about 8AM and the tomato plants which I hadn’t covered were history. I didn’t cover them because they were done producing and I just hadn’t got around to pulling them. I had some tiny lettuce seedlings that I did cover and a quick peak under the cover showed them to be looking fine. Ditto lettuce and radish seedlings. In a few areas the cover had blown off exposing the plants, all winter plants – cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale and the like. They looked fine but I won’t know for sure for a couple of days. I purposely left the Chinese greens uncovered since they were advertised to handle freezing temps. They look perfect. My plan is to leave well enough alone and keep the covers on another night even though the weather folks say it’s warming up. In fact the 7 day forecast has us back in the 80’s in a few days but I’m still keeping my eye on the Siberians and the Vortexes for a sneak attack.

Post freeze analyze: It did indeed freeze as evidenced by the few tomato plants I had left being decimated. But after taking off the covers, turns out everything else is just fine, even the smallest seedlings. The forecast for the next 7 days is warm and sunny which about brings us into March with a much lower probability of another freeze. I have quite a bit growing in planters that could be moved into the garden as soon as I’m 100% convinced the weather has turned.

Saw something on the tube, during the never ending weather reports, that surprised me and changed my plans for the garden this season. They showed farmers in central Florida preparing their corn fields for the pending cold spell. Not sure what they were doing but the corn plants looked to be 3-4’ tall, meaning 6-8 weeks along; meaning they were planted right after the first of the year. Granted it’s a few degrees warmer where they are but I don’t normally plant corn until early April and historically I haven’t done very well in the corn growing department. So I’m heading out to the garden and preparing two wide rows for corn and will have the seed in the ground before the end of Feb.

I have a new hero. There was an article on TV about a baseball guy, a pitcher for the Toronto Bluejays named Dino something or other. He’s worth millions but choses to live in a camper. Not just any camper but a 1978 VS Westphalia exactly the same as the van we had for years. Same color, same interior configuration, same everything. He also had a kayak on the roof. Not the same as mine but I can live with that slight deviation. I asked Nancy what two people she knew who could just live like that and, without hesitation, she said me and Simon.

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