Written on the new computer

Nancy was viewing a quilting tutorial online and the computer shut down. I think it was a social statement but she was pretty sure I was sabotaging her viewing. Possibly it was a technical problem with the computer which I think is about 5 years old or maybe older. We turned the computer back on and went directly to the tutorial. It lasted perhaps 5 more minutes before it quit again. I was suspicious of a heating problem so let it cool down for about a half hour before restarting. That was two days ago and it’s never again shut down and we’ve never again tried to run that tutorial video. What I’m suspicious of is that the video chip on the computer is overheating. The new fast internet allows videos to be viewed at all and in the past, video chips have been notorious for heating. Long story short, we ordered a new Mac Mini and will keep the laptop as a travel machine/backup. Maybe I’ll check into getting it repaired but not until the shutting down becomes a persistent problem or it dies altogether. The IT Dept (Tom) will come up when it’s delivered and oversee (do) the installation. I’m sure I could stumble my way through it but it certainly goes smoother with him in the loop. As a point of reference, I would rather visit the urologist than get a new computer.

Almond milk vs cashew milk. For a couple of years I’ve been using almond milk in my morning cereal. I don’t have any particular problem with dairy but so many people I know do that I just figure it’s an ok thing to limit. My taste buds have long since died off so I don’t taste much (if any) difference. Today when making my noon time green smoothie I noticed that my bride had switched out the almond milk for cashew milk. I looked at the ingredient label and really didn’t spot any differences so I took the plunge. Just as I suspected, couldn’t tell the difference. I can see where it would be a little off-putting because it has a brownish color as compared to white.

I’m getting a few laughs at watching this measles epidemic spread while the country is aghast at people avoiding vaccinations. To me this is a perfect example of how scientists have become discredited. For those who can remember, not too many years ago, there was much “scientific” discourse about a link between vaccinations and autism. Lots of data, lots of coverage – enough so that legislative remedies were put in place to cover people who didn’t want their kids vaccinated. Remember when eggs were bad for you – now considered a “perfect” food. Ditto alcohol, ditto coffee, ditto all manner of foods. Supplemental vitamins have gone from necessary to sustain life to now a complete waste of money. And with all of these came loads of scientific data. Remember when we were entering a new Ice Age – now global warming. Remember the forecast famines because there was not enough arable land to feed the projected population growth. Those places most in danger are now exporting food. Bears and Gators, endangered species with only a few hundred left in the wilderness, now being hunted to try to control the population. About a new hunting season for bears – how is that supposed to work? The problem bears are those that have moved into populated areas. Are we going to have a hunting season in the burbs? Don’t think so. The bears that live in the woods are not the problem but those are the ones that will be hunted.

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