UCF Basketball

Tom invited me to a UCF basketball game to see the Knights take on Cincinnati, always a good team. Nancy came along for the pre-game and post game feed but went shopping in between. Before the game we went by Olivia’s dorm so I could see it. I knew it would be nicer than Simon’s first dorm but this was beyond my expectations in terms of being nicely decorated and maintained. Whenever you entered Simon’s rooms you wanted to be sure to shower shortly thereafter. (My favorite was when they found an old couch on the side of the road and decided it would be perfect for the dorm room.) Tom has great seats so, although UCF lost, the game was really fun. After the game we hooked up with Nancy and Tina at a local Lake Mary pub; a really nice day.

Did my annual physical this week and learned that all was well. The only blood reading that was out of whack was my CO2. The doc said that no doubt the lab was screwed up. He said it’s a really tricky measurement and my reading was typical for someone with Emphysema and he noted that my lungs were perfect. I had lost a few pounds which he thought was great whereas my bride is convinced this is a sign of impending doom. Not sure where she gets that since technically I’m still a bit overweight.

The garden is doing a great job of keeping up all the needs – our’s, George’s, and several family members and friends. The big mover is Kale. I have a dozen plants and that seems just about right. In the past I either under or over planted. Next in popularity is lettuce which is still coming on strong. In the past I have ended up with much of it bolting and being used to feed George’s Koi but this year the external demand is higher and my scatter planting is working out just right. Part of this success is weather related. We’ve had no frost or freezing temps in December or January. If we can make another 3 weeks, that should do it for winter. The nominal last freeze date for here is Feb 20. I also think those exotic greens and arugula I planted have taken pressure off the kale and lettuce. When you mix these other greens with lettuce for a salad, it basically doubles the time between picking a head.

I added to the original three pineapples twice bringing the total number of starts to six. The last one was about 2 weeks ago and looked exactly like the first five but within two days it was starting to turn brown and within a week was clearly dead. All of the others are looking good and retaining their original green color. I think some of the “leaves” are actually growing and also think some new leaves are forming way down in the center. I liked that the one that wasn’t going to make it did so in a quick fashion rather than taking up space and giving us false hope. That one makes me feel much better about the first ones.

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