Nance’s Cruisin’

Nance’s cruisin’. We drove over to Joey’s, hooked up with the rest of the travelers and then over to the port. We left about 9:45AM and I was home, pouring a nice red, and settling into the NFL conference championships by 2:45PM. They called about 4:45 to let me know that the bow of the boat was passing the last jetty and on it’s way to the Bahamas. Green Bay lost.

One thing that’s going to work out good is my evening televiewing. A few weeks back I ordered a DVD from netflix thinking it would be something both Nancy and I would enjoy. As it turned out, within about 3 minutes we knew it would not be one of her favorites but would suit me just fine. The name of the show is Eagleheart and, according to little Tommy, played on a small, cable channel exclusively. I’m fairly sure none of you have seen it. I liken it to a violent SNL with 5-10 minute, dark comedy vignettes so it would only appeal to a small audience. Like a guy all by himself with a wife on a cruise. Netflix ranked it with 4 stars so you either liked it big time or not at all. What really made it perfect for me is that Tuesday TV, aka NCIS, is being preempted by the State of the Union speech. Eagleheart to the rescue. A choice between two dark comedies.
I don’t think I mentioned it but I got a weather stick for Christmas. This is a piece of natural wood, a twig, that responds to weather conditions by bending. It bends in one direction, up, when the weather is good and down when it’s not so good. It actually works and I’ve mounted it in an area that I can instantly view from the living room. Of course when I’m looking at the stick I’m also looking at the weather conditions outside so I don’t really need the stick to tell me – but I like it.

I’ve had the Wall Street Journal delivered by USPS for years. Of late, there have been gaps in the delivery which I nominally attributed to USPS. But not so quick, Joe. We live in a small community where we’re on a first name basis with the postmaster. He informed me that there are two of us in this zip code that get the WSJ and that both of us either get it or not on any given day. That steered me toward the problem being at the Wallpaper so I called to complain. They assured me they would jump all over it. Two more days with no paper and then the backlog broke. The postmaster then told me that there was one customer who got the New York Times and that every time we fail to get the WSJ, the NYT is also missing. I knew the WSJ used regional printers but it was interesting to learn that probably the same printer that does the WSJ does the NYT. That also means that someone who has touched an NYT may have touched my Wallpaper. Ewwww! That’s unsettling. I’ll have to put that fact into the mix when I decide whether to extend the subscription when it comes up again.

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