Big Screen Change

We picked up a new computer monitor last week and ran into a cable interface problem with it. Seems we’re always playing technology catch-up. Tom to the rescue. He had just the right adapters to make it work and came up to help (do) with the installation. We didn’t really need a new monitor but a larger one would be nicer for Nancy when she’s studying one of her quilting sites. It’s 27” vs the 24” unit we’ve had for several years. I was doubtful that small an increase would be even noticeable but when I saw them side by side in Costco, that doubt was erased.

About 4 months ago I mentioned that I was trying a variety of tomato called Rutgers which was the original “Jersey” tomato. Nancy picked them up at a local nursery when my planned crop of Celebrity was washed out. I didn’t have much hope for them since they are not a disease resistant, nematode resistant variety and that normally spells death here. They survived way too much water early on and the first fruit that started arriving on the scene a month ago rotted quickly -not sure if it was the wet ground or a boring critter but it wasn’t looking good. Then a couple made it and now I’m picking them regularly, as soon as they start breaking – turning color. Shape wise they’re ugly but ripen into really large, dark red, delicious tomatoes. I’ve already got my spring tomato seeds planted but will have to buy again for the fall and will order a pack of Rutgers seeds for sure.

I really do think one of the pineapples is putting on some new growth – maybe just wishful thinking. Where my head is now is to just let them do their thing for the next two months while there’s a chance for uber cold weather and then transfer them to the garden. That moves them into the community property realm but gives them more space and more sun. I now have six of them in a large patio pot so the first transplant will be the first three.

My Chinese greens are big enough to start harvesting for smoothie purposes. I did typhon first and followed up with tatsoi. Both tasted about the same (to me) as any other greens I’ve used. I put in so much different stuff that it’s impossible for me to distinguish any particular ingredient except maybe the pineapple. The typhon is light in color compared to most of the greens I use so the drink ends up slightly less green. What I’m hoping is that it stands up better to heat than the classic winter greens. If so, between that and the New Zealand spinach, I should be able to have greens year round.

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