Eating Big

Tried a new smoothie combination that was awesome. You’re stomach will do flips when I give you the ingredient list but it was very tasty to me. For starts the green was kohlrabi greens; the fruit was strawberries and pineapple, both frozen solid, and half an Arkansas Black apple; the miscellaneous items were walnuts and old fashioned rolled oats. The liquids were cran-pomegranite juice and almond milk. I’d give you the amounts of each but I never measure anything – just go with your gut. The Arkansas Black was a nice addition courtesy of Tom and Tina – part of my Christmas present this year. I liked it so much I made another one the next day with a minor variation, substituting kale for the kohlrabi greens and eliminating the walnuts. The latter change was only because I ran out of room. It was every bit as good. I honestly think it’s the pineapple that throws it over the top for me.

I noticed something interesting in the garden. The new oriental green I’m growing, Tyfon, aka Holland Greens, must be incredibly tasty. To bugs. I have it planted with Swiss Chard on one side, Rosemary and Thyme on the other and very close to spinach and lettuce. The Tyfon leaves are peppered with tiny bug holes while all the others are untouched. The bugs must be really tiny because I see no activity at all, none on the leaves; none hovering over the leaves; nothing but the tell tale holes.

I made a kohlrabi salad the other day and it was not a big hit (with Nancy or me). I cut the kohlrabi into strips about the size of french fries, chopped up an onion, a little salt, a little pepper then marinated in good olive oil and vinegar. Where I made a mistake was using balsamic vinegar instead of a cider or other clear vinegar so it took on a brownish, unappetizing look. I decided to give it one more try and put down a layer of green, baby kohlrabi leaves, a layer of sliced red onion, then a layer of french fry cut kohlrabi bulb. This time I used apple cider vinegar. It certainly looked more appetizing but would it taste better? Where I’ve used raw kohlrabi bulb chips before is in vegetable platters where it sits along side carrot strips and celery to be dipped in ranch seasoning. Everybody loves it but nobody has any idea what it is. I plan to try it this year as a substitute for mashed potatoes. It’s a fun veggie to grow so I’d like to find a way to prepare it that turns my bride on. The verdict is in on the salad – very good. The leaves were a nice touch. They started out light green but after soaking in the oil and vinegar for a few hours they turned darker and brighter. Next time I’m going to mix in a few sliced radishes to really colorize it.

Possible freeze/frost Thursday morning. I’ll go ahead and try to cover up the tomatoes but don’t think it will get cold enough to bother anything else. I’ll pick a load of cherry tomatoes just in case. Between George and us, we’re probably picking a quart a day but the same plants are still loaded with green ones and new blossoms.

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