Worst Football Season Ever

At midnight on New Year’s eve, out here in the woods, we all fire our shotguns. If we don’t have one, we wake up at midnight and wonder who the hell is shooting out there. I don’t know whether it was one or two people just shooting their hearts out or hoards of rabble taking a couple of shots each but there sure’s going to be lots of spent shells out there. Nancy never stirred so I can’t count on her in a late night shootout. Maybe we missed a protest against the NYPD.

Got enough greens, not counting Kale, to satisfy the green smoothie requirements for me and several others just like me. Right now that means Swiss Chard, collards, and spinach. Way more than enough kale by itself; could even mix in a few beet and kohlrabi leaves to spice things up; Radish greens. In fact, we have enough produce coming out of the garden to satisfy our veggie needs 100% and then some. The long range, 10 day, weather forecast shows this nice, warm pattern will continue so I expect the growth rate to accelerate if anything. The outside demand for lettuce remains high so I put in a new patch of seeds-this time Romaine. We now have 4 varieties growing, not including arugula, endive, or escarole. It’s my night to cook dinner so I’m thinking about a pasta dish with spinach and cherry tomatoes. Or maybe moving to the wild side and doing Swiss Chard and cherry tomatoes. And of course an exotic side salad. I’m thinking about marinating some kohlrabi strips in oil and vinegar for tonight but that could throw Nancy into veggie overload.

This has been the worst college football season in history. Ole Miss craters, FSU craters, Auburn craters, Alabama craters – what the hell is going on? I’m smelling conspiracy here. Missouri did manage to squeak one out against Minnesota. Minnesota? I didn’t even know they still had a program. The only one of those I picked was FSU going down in flames. I knew that the worst Florida team in history should have beaten FSU so they had to be bad. The silver lining to all this is that all of these games were only shown on cable so I didn’t have to watch them. I was cursing ESPN for locking up a national sport but now I’m glad they did. And I’m getting no solice from the Dolphins, Buc’s or Jags.

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