Still Lookin’ Good

This was one of the nicest, least stressful holiday season we’ve had in a while. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, the day after and on into New Year’s eve, everything just fell into place with no last minute surprises – unless you count little Tommy making it home a last minute surprise. We hosted a family Italian dinner on the 26th and that too went like clockwork. I think maybe not having any little kids in the loop made it all more predictable. Then on the 27th, Nancy and Ali came to the lake to spend a few days. The weather was perfect – sunny, low 80’s – for sitting on the dock, drinking a few brewski’s, and solving the world’s problems. We ate mostly from the garden and we’ve crossed over to where guests can now leave here with a bag of veggies to go. They got cherry tomatoes, kale and lettuce plus some citrus.

Nancy picked up some fresh pineapples at a grocery store in Crescent City last week. I cut them up, threw the skin in the compost pile and replanted the tops. When we lived here in the 60’s we grew several pineapples this way but not sure if it’s too cold here or not. I planted them in a container so I can cover and/or move inside if necessary. Fun experiment and who knows, maybe it’ll work again.

pineapple tops
pineapple tops

A neighbor fishing in a local lake came by with a large bag of speckled perch carcasses to be buried in the garden. They looked like cabbage fertilizer to me so I buried a carcass by each plant, but not too close. I was a bit concerned that something would dig them up but decided to give it a try. Two nights went by with no problems at all but on the third, about half had been dug up. I was very lucky and not one plant was disturbed which makes me think that the culprit was a small cat rather than a raccoon or possum. I reburied them only to have the same thing happen the next night. Plus another raid around the periphery by an armadillo so I had about an hour’s repair to restore both raids. Again, no plants were disturbed.

Got enough greens, not counting Kale, to satisfy the green smoothie requirements. Right now that means Swiss Chard, collards, and spinach. Way more than enough kale by itself. Could even mix in a few beet and kohlrabi leaves to spice things up. Radish greens. In fact, we have enough produce coming out of the garden to satisfy the veggie needs 100% and then some.

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