Christmas Happenin’s

Two inches of rain last night and the garden is a swamp again although everything looks pretty good. The rain on the roof woke me up a couple of times last night but there must have been some wind there too. Another dead bay tree came down. It was on our property but came down onto George’s, across the compost pile, and onto his asphalt driveway. I got it pretty well cleaned up but will have to deal with the main trunk later. That part is in the jungle on our property so no urgency. This has really been a wet fall. One thing that seems to have changed this year is our maple tree dropping it’s leaves. This tree normally drops all it’s leaves in just a few days. They go from green to yellow to gone really fast and that seems to be happened just that way this year. The difference is that it normally happens in February, not December. This fall has been cooler and wetter than normal – more like winter than fall – so maybe it faked out the maple. The leaves from this one tree generates a major load for the compost pile but the compost pile won’t be ready for the input until February. Somehow I’ll deal with it.

Had a great Christmas. Joey and Mark came over Christmas eve to help out around the place and stayed overnight. We drove down to Tom’s to celebrate the day with a surprise guest, little Tommy. Tom’s family had driven up to Chicago the week before to attend his company’s Christmas party and little Tom rode back with them. It was a fun day – great company, great food, and a hookup with Joanne’s family, Johnny, Nancy and Ali. We’re hosting a spaghetti dinner today, the 26th, then Nancy and Ali will be coming the 27th and staying a couple days with us. We’re looking forward to it all. We talked to Chris for his birthday and Christmas. He and Jamie had driven to Jamie’s mother in Wisconsin. Apparently the large snow storm forecast never materialized so it was an easy, uneventful drive.

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