Dishwasher Installed and Working

Got the dishwasher after a few false starts on the delivery. A robo call told us it was coming Dec 18 between 2 and 4 PM; a human call told us that it was going to happen on the 19th, time to be determined. A couple hours later the robo guy called again to reconfirm his original message. It didn’t happen until 4pm on the 19th. Joey and Mark came up on the 20th and we’re back in the dishwashing business. There was a difference in the connections between the old machine and the new one but two trips to ACE had us up and running. Very quiet so that delayed start feature is probably not necessary but we’ve got it just in case. After the installers left, we washed a load of dishes. All seemed to go well until a couple hours later I stepped in a puddle. It wasn’t obvious where the leak was coming from but based on the amount of water, it wasn’t a major hose break, maybe a drip drip kind of leak; in my mind, the kind that fixes by putting a bowl under the leak or maybe if we used the delayed start, it would dry itself out by the next morning. But the installation surely comes with a warranty. We had breakfast the next morning and loaded the dishwasher for another run. I parked myself horizontally on the floor in front of the dishwasher with the front cover removed and a flashlight so I could find the leaky connection. Never happened. Mark had a theory that perhaps air bubbles were created/trapped in the water lines which would create one time leaks. Right now that looks to be explaining what happened.

Planted some more “new” seeds, an escarole/endive mix and a new butter crunch lettuce variety. Not sure what you do with either escarole or endive but I think maybe you mix it into salads raw. I’ll do further research if and when anything grows. This is how I broaden my horizons. Even if we don’t like it, bet it’s good trading material. Maybe the shrimp lady is crazy about escarole. At this point I’m 100% + planted (some things I’ve planted are too close to each other). I’ll be scrambling for space when I thin these new seeds next week. Ditto the carrots I have to thin – where to put the micro carrots? With carrots and radishes I just put them along the outside of a row, making a hedge. I’m eyeing the row of cabbage now trying to decide if there’s enough room to squeeze a carrot hedge the length of the row. The weather is perfect for transplanting – low 70’s, cloudy to drizzly.

I’m ok with opening Cuba so long as they don’t become another drain on our tax dollars as their neighbors are. I’m also ok with Sony pulling that NK movie. I can visualize the Sony lawyers going apoplectic at the very thought of an incident at some theatre. Ditto theatre owners. I do hope that the US Gov’t quietly, behind the scenes retaliates in some significant fashion.

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