Mornings are better in the summer

I’m a morning person. That works much better in the summer because it’s bright daylight when I get up and it’s warm so I can be outside playing before 7AM. It gets too hot to work in the afternoon so I have to go swimming or otherwise play in the lake. Finally it cools down while it’s still light and I can do fun evening things until 8PM. This time of year, can’t even say the “W” word, I get up and it’s still dark and too cold to go out. Sometimes it’s 10AM before I can really get up to speed. Then to make it worse, a few hours after it warms up it’a dark and cold again.

Barbara brought over a container, probably a quart or more, of Portuguese Kale soup. I had noticed that a few leaves had disappeared from the Kale plants but with 10 plants, we will have enough to feed half of Barberville. I use one leaf in my green smoothies and have such a variety of green candidates for smoothies, that I can always count on having kale if I want it. The soup was delicious. I looked up Kale on a nutrition guide and compared it with other greens. Hands down, Kale is the clear winner in the vitamin A dept. Way more than spinach or any other green I checked. Doing that check I was surprised to find that cabbage is a killer source of vitamin C. I always think citrus when considering vitamin C but now I’ll never look at cole slaw the same way.

Just watched a really strange TV show. It was originally shown on FX a year or so back but we watched it on DVD via Netflix. Fargo is a dark, dark comedy – I guess. Lots of blood and gore; lots of laughs – good writers, good direction, good sound track. Lots of big name actors playing smallish parts. It reminded me of several Tarantino movies so if you like those, you’ll like this.

I really have to laugh when I hear Economists trying to sell the idea that falling gas prices are a bad thing; and when they think our inflation isn’t high enough; or that Russia or Iran or Venezuela getting squeezed is a bad thing. These guys have zero credibility with me. The only negative I can think of with low gas prices is that it becomes tempting for the gov to raise gas taxes.

December is a bad month for doctors here. Nancy and I have a set of doctors to cover the various disciplines that schedule semi annual visits for routine checkups. Those happen in July and December so by the end of this month, we’ll be pretty well picked and poked. Most of my doctors tell me I’m healthier than they are. Not necessarily the Urologist, Dr.Grinch. Bah, humbug.

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