New Dishwasher on the way

Joey and Mark came over the other day to help me redo the entry ways into the three sheds. Over the years these pavers have shifted and sunk so that they were barely visible and wobbly. That wasn’t working for Nancy. I had put the pavers in myself years ago but they are heavier than they were when I first did the job. Way heavier. Also one shed had sagged enough that the doors weren’t lining up properly, making it difficult to lock. So I asked them to redo the entry ways and straighten up the shed for my Christmas present. They had it done in a few hours and I have to admit that it’s probably better now than when I did it the first time.

We’ve had 6 days in a row that flirted with frost in the morning. It’s not unusual to string a couple of cold days together but it is different to have it last so long. I decided not to cover the garden and it looks like I lucked out and made the right call. The only thing at this point really vulnerable are the tomatoes. If they were forecasting temps in the mid 30’s, I’d cover but the mornings have consistently been just above 40 and even though they say we can still have frost, we don’t seem to be frost prone here until it gets a few degrees colder. I think being so close to the lake makes the difference. If we survive the next 2 nights it looks like a 10 degree warming trend will get us almost until Christmas. For reference, the climate folks say the date for the first frost here averages Dec 20. It also looks like the 14 cabbage transplants made yesterday have all survived. The only thing left to plant are 6 Calabrese broccoli plants that need another week in a sheltered environment – that rounds out and fills the garden for now. The next space will open when the tomatoes crash and no telling when on that. It’s not impossible that they could survive another month. If that happens I probably won’t refill the space with more winter crops but instead get it ready for spring plants in March. Hard to believe but I’ll be starting the warm weather crops, inside, next month.

Ordered the new dishwasher and scheduled delivery for December 18. Joey and Mark will come up to do the installation. I’m fairly certain I could do it myself but…………… One feature on the new one that the old one lacked was a “delay” start. That way Nancy can load it after dinner and set the start for 6 hours later. With our small house the dishwasher is too close to the TV so it bothers me when I’m trying to listen to the news over the dishwasher noise. This one is supposed to be quieter but I’ve never really heard a quiet one.

I made chicken cacciatore last night, my speciality. I did one modification to my tried and true recipe by adding a handful of fresh spinach leaves for the last two minutes cooking. Great change!! Don’t think I’ll risk it with one of the new exotic greens unless they are so spectacular, I can’t resist.

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