They Finally Fit

Anyone who has had long term weight problems has a range of sizes hanging in the closet. When you’re on the growth side, you don’t want to ditch stuff you’ve outgrown since you know you are going to lose the weight; when you are losing weight, you know it won’t last so you keep the larger sizes. About 20 years ago, I needed a heavy pair of dress slacks to wear in the winter. I bought a really nice pair at what I thought was the right size from LL Bean and was disappointed when they were way too tight. No problem, I was going to lose some weight and they would be just fine. I did lose some weight but they were still too tight and they became my designated trial pants – any time I thought I had slimmed down enough I’d try them, I’d run a test. Never happened. Fast forward to now and I needed some heavy dress pants to get me through the cold spell we’re having. I was looking through the closet and happened upon my old LL Bean test pants. My current situation is that most of my clothes are on the big side with Nancy taking them in from time to time. I can comfortably wear 36’s and have trouble keeping 38’s from sliding down to my knees. I looked at the label on the test pants and saw they were 40’s but decided to try them on to savor the victory. They fit nicely – just like 36’s. So all those years I was trying on mislabeled slacks.

Nancy decided to bite the bullet and get a new dishwasher. Wimp. Mark said it was just a matter of removing a couple of easy to get at screws pulling it out from under the cabinet and then disconnecting the water line and electrical. We found one that would do the job in Lowes and it was coming down to coordinating getting the new one delivered and the old one carted away and having Mark on hand to do the installation. I decided it would make the logistics easier if I could do the de-install myself. I got the cabinet screws out easily, just as forecast but could only slide it out about halfway before meeting resistance. Rather than brute force it, I called George who was on my doorstep about 2 minutes later to help me over the rough spot – that meant jumping in and doing the job. We/he had it out in about 15 minutes and he took the carcass to strip down for parts and sell off the scrap metal. One of Joey’s friends came up with a 10% coupon so it seems this is being pulled off with a minimum hassle.

Lib’s please read no further.

For the past 6 years I’ve looked hard to find the silver lining to the dark cloud this administration has brought on the country. And I think I found it. When we hired this administration we knew were were getting a Harvard law professor/Chicago community organizer. He was eloquent, had a great looking family, and perhaps he’d hire a staff that could handle all the technical stuff and the business of running the country. The economy got worse but he could blame that on the previous administration; foreign policy got worse but he could blame that on the previous administration; most people were quite satisfied with their health care but that’s no longer the case. Gas prices dropped dramatically which should jump start the economy but they really can’t take any credit for that since they fought it tooth and nail by blocking every pipeline and drilling project they could. Just don’t understand the relationship between energy and the economy I guess. I had consoled myself that the one good thing that would come out of this admin is that race relations would improve. Wrong again. The most current polling shows that both races believe race relations have worsened dramatically in the past 6 years. Back to the 60’s. Reverend Al is picking up right where Reverend MLK left off. So where’s the silver lining? The South is once again solid red, conservative Republican and the midwest is going that way. You know things are on the right track when Wisconsin is electing Republicans again. The Socialist segment of the Democrats are in strong ascendency, owning the Northeast and West coast, so we’ll have clearer choices – this soft middle ground is disappearing. And who ever thought you’d hear Chuck Shumer say anything that made sense?

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