Another Cold Snap

This new internet provider is working out quite well. We’ve been operating on it for over two weeks now with only a few glitches and it’s lightning fast, actually faster than the wifi at the library or Big Rig or Florida Hospital – my alternative wifi locations. The T-Mobile network we had been using was cheaper but the performance was really marginal and you had to have lots of patience to deal with it. Then T-Mobile essentially doubled the price so we started exploring other options. Tom came up with an alternative that used the ATT network, which we knew presented a good, strong 4G signal at the lake. With just a small $$ increase from the original T Mobile Walmart deal, the performance jumped light years. As the crow flies we’re probably less than a 1/2 mile from the tower so the signal is super strong, 5 bars most of the time. Nancy got a giant bonus with the new network – she can now watch video quilting tutorials from her favorite site – Missouri Star Quilting, or something like that. The T-Mobile network was just too slow to watch anything dynamic so she’s a happy camper.

We’re having Seattle September kind of weather – overcast, cool, damp. Perfect weather for young cabbage transplants – not for the transplanter. Typically I lose a couple of transplants due to heat/sun stress or maybe grasshopper predation but these are making the transition in great conditions. I plant a couple then run inside and warm my bones – it is 60 you know. A total of 15 plants, 2 varieties, one complete row will be done by this evening. Cole Slaw in February. My definition of a winter day is any day that doesn’t reach 70 and we’re having a couple winter days this week. I need to figure a way to jump start this global warming thing. Maybe if I burn a few bushels of coal in the back yard that could help. I need to find the really nasty, smoky, kind of coal.

I might even tough it out and put in another row of radishes. Those seem to be a best seller this year. The first patch I put in is just about gone and scheduled to become a spinach patch in a couple of weeks. A difference in crop consumption this year has to do with George’s recent heart issues. I think he got a strong message from the doctors that he has to lose some weight and I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the salad makin’s being picked. There’s a bit of a conflict in the messaging because he’s not supposed to eat greens – somehow they’re not good for you if you have heart issues so he has to lose weight but can’t include green vegetables in his diet. We’re debating how red lettuce counts. Do you count them the same if you eat them raw? and dip them in Ranch Dressing?

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